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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Tijuana Panthers – Front Window Down

Long Beach's own and this weeks Local Show Pick of the Week, the Tijuana Panthers kick out another great summer time jam with their song "Front Window Down".

Interview with MARKER – Love & Space & I Don’t Care

MARKER is a newly formed Sludge Pop and Nerd Punk band from Long Beach. They formed in early 2014 when lead vocalist/guitarist Mark Delgado tried to reunite the members of his former band No Hablo. On... READ MORE

Local Show Pick of the Week: 720° Pine with Tijuana Panthers

Summer And Music introduces their newest event, 720° Pine, this Saturday! Witness DTLB transformed into a high-flying skate hub! Our friends, The A.skate Foundation, whose skate clinics provide childr... READ MORE

xlsrebelsx – Sink or Swim

While the name might be a little hard to pronounce (think "Elle's Rebels") the tracks that local artist Anthony Cruz have been pumping out over the last few years are undeniably groovy yet blend in el... READ MORE


T’mon  is a multifaceted artist dabbles in both beat production and rapping. Born and raised in Long Beach, CA, there is nothing like home with the ocean breeze and unique diversity despite the highs... READ MORE

Familiar Trees – There Was A Stranger

Marker – Marriage

Local Show Pick of the Week: Bastidas and Workshop @ 4th Street Vine

The Vine is making a bunch of midweek noise tonight with another killer Rhino Takedown featuring Bastidas and Workshop! DJ Paul Simon will be turning the wax all night. Music starts at 8pm and as alwa... READ MORE


NiceGuyxVinny of Soulection is a local Long Beach native and you have probably seen him with Melziah Dia, his long time bud and emcee. Born & raised in Long Beach, he thoroughly loves the history... READ MORE

Music Coming Back To The Once Vault 350 In Long Beach

350 Pine Avenue has has certainly seen it's share of ups and downs over the past decade or so. We have seen the good times when original owner Mitchell Stewart created a large scale music venue out of... READ MORE

The Marital – Prague

Prague is the first single from The Maritals debut album "Bold Show" which releases June 20th. Follow The Marital at

Joel Jasper – Summer-Body


Local Show Pick of the Week: Furcast and Team Next @ 4th Street Vine

Every Wednesday 4th Street Vine hosts The Rhino Takedown, which showcases 2 Long Beach local acts. This week they will host a very special line up with 1 local group and 1 touring group, with special... READ MORE

Adelma – EP

Producer, Composer, musician from Long Beach, California. Started off playing guitar for short lived 2nd & Molino and then played with the band Dazylite all Long Beach based. After the band died o... READ MORE


"That Bumps!!" presented by Tall Robot & Long Beach Independent is featuring four local beat producers in Long Beach. In promotion and celebration of the Kickstarter for the series. We will dive i... READ MORE

Patchwork Show To Host Two Stages This Sunday

 Patchwork Show Long Beach is Dear Handmade Life’s bi-annual makers festival that showcases local emerging artists, crafters, and designers alongside artisan food, DIY craft workshops, gourmet fo... READ MORE