patchwork_flyerPatchwork Show Long Beach is Dear Handmade Life’s bi-annual makers festival that showcases local emerging artists, crafters, and designers alongside artisan food, DIY craft workshops, gourmet food trucks, and LOTS of Indie music.

This year’s festival will feature more live music than ever before. Organizers from The Long Beach Folk Revival Festival and Viento Y Agua Coffeehouse and Gallery have lovingly curated two different stage experiences.

The Folk Revival stage will offer an incredible sample of the kind of awesomeness you can find at their annual festival coming up this fall. You will also get a glimpse into what you can enjoy during their Open Bluegrass Jam Session at The Red Leprechaun on the second Thursday of every month. Shea Newkirk, founder of The Long Beach Folk Revival Festival, has mastered the art of preserving and promoting the genres of Folk + Bluegrass + Americana. This stage will give you the perfect opportunity to see how musical history, coupled with organizational know how, and a deep respect for these genres in a new age, all come together to form its own unique dynamic in Long Beach.

The Bottled Spirits – 11:00
Cross Your Fingers Bluegrass – 12:15
Avi Buffalo – 1:30 
Moonshine: The Band – 2:45 

First up will be The Bottled Spirits. They are a Southern Californian indulgence of folk, bluegrass, and blues. You can also see Cross Your Fingers Bluegrass. This collaboration of 5 local musicians came together 3 years ago to play a mixture of country and Old Time music. If you don’t know the difference between country, Old Time, bluegrass, the blues or folk, this is your chance to discover the vast nuances differentiating all of these classics.

Moonshine: The Band is more of our city’s proof that geography, opportunity, and music can generate great new things if you keep mixing them together. These seven musicians recently connected, collaborated and evolved into a band in Long Beach. With a band that has 5 of its 7 members being prolific songwriters, you are guaranteed to catch some clever story telling and gorgeous harmonies.

The big surprise, and last minute addition to The Folk Revival stage, is the appearance of Avi Buffalo. Avi Buffalo is the stage name of singer-songwriter guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Avi Zahner-Isenberg. At one point there was Avi Buffalo, the critically acclaimed – signed to Sup Pop – internationally successful band, and stepping up this Sunday is the creative force behind that long story. Music lovers will want to witness Avi moving forward with his artistic journey. Seeing a Long Beach artist of this caliber staying true to his musical truth is something special to have experienced.

The Viento Y Agua stage is a perfect representation of the kind of musical diversity and quality you can experience by attending any of the coffeehouse and gallery’s regularly scheduled open mics and live music shows. If you are not familiar with this beacon for creativity in Belmont Heights, you should know that Viento has a longstanding tradition of consistently providing a welcoming place that supports and nurtures artists of all genres and disciplines.

Alyssandra Nighswonger 11:00-11:40
Front Porch Dreamer 11:50-12:30
Darius Ivey 12:40-1:20
Rene Marino 1:30-2:10
Ozzy Walden 2:20pm-3:00
The Stone Orchard Trio 3:10-4:50pm
The Hawkline Monster 4:00-4:40

Artists Tom Miller and Becky Shelly originally founded Viento Y Agua 13 years ago. For well over a decade, proprietor, actor, and music aficionado Bela Mogyorody has run the business and ensured that its core values remain firmly in place. Over the years Bela has had the good sense to have had three extraordinary women manage the music and gallery components of Viento. In the Early years the infamous Angie Evans established the tone and structure of the artistic culture that is still carried on at Viento to this day. Taking up where Angie left off has been Long Beach’s resident everything artist Nighswonger. When Alyssandra needed to expand into more creative directions Dana Benedict, another Long Beach triple threat super nova, stepped in as Booking Coordinator. Because the place has always been owned and operated by people who are respected artists in their own right, it maintains an artistic integrity that is not found, in quite the same way, anywhere else in Long Beach.

Nighswonger herself will be gracing this year’s Viento Y Agua stage. In addition to being an integral part of the Viento family, Nighswonger is an exceptional writer, painter, poet, lyricist, vocalist, and musician. Through her efforts as a solo artist, as a frequent collaborator with numerous local artists, and in the groups Lucky Penny, Alyssandra and the Daymakers, The Dovelles, and Poe and the Nightingale, she has amassed an impressive body of work and experience. When she takes the stage you never know what she may be inspired by—vaudeville, pancakes, or an adventure she’s been dreaming of. Either way, it will be a great trip and a distinctively Alyssandra journey.

The Stone Orchard Trio features Sean Blake, who is also the host of the Folk Revival Monthly Jam Session, Steve Hartnell, and Nikki Coles. Their beautiful three part harmonies are accompanied by their skills as well versed mandolin, guitar, and fiddle players.

The Hawkline Monster is lead by Michael Vitale’s captivating voice and guitar playing. With an eclectic mix of instrumentation playing originals, and covers from a wide variety of influences, it’s hard to nail down exactly all the band is. It’s an interesting quality when an artist seems simultaneously familiar and brand new.

Mixed in with the expert talent of Viento are a handful of the newly emerging artists – Front Porch Dreamer, Darius Ivy, Renee Marino, and Ozzy Walden. Each of these new artists has been honing their craft around town and is prepared to deliver what they have been perfecting to new audiences. Attendees will be pleasantly surprised to find fresh ideas and new musical approaches here.

The Long Beach Patchwork show is located at Marine Stadium 5255 E. Paoli Way, Long Beach, Ca 90803. This very pet-friendly event.

There is parking available at Mother’s beach and easy & free parking at the yacht club

The BIg Red Bus will also be shuttling people from 10;30 to 6pm for FREE all day. The bus will be stopping at K.C. Branaghan’s where you can get 10% off with proof that you went to the Patchwork show.

For more information about The Patchwork show Long Beach visit their website at To find out more about The Folk Revival Festival and Viento Y Agua visit and

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About the Author

Jewell Faamaligi

Jewell Faamaligi is an arts and culture activist affiliated with several nonprofit organizations in Long Beach. She also serves as the Downtown Council Area Representative for the Long Beach Music Council.

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