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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Local Show Pick of the Week: Twisted at the Pike

Come one, come all this Saturday to Twisted at the Pike brought to you by our friends at Summer and Music. This night of entertainment is freakishly over the top with fire wielding belly dancers, jugg... READ MORE

Zen Robbi – Lazy Boy

Video for local band Zen Robbi's newest single "Lazy Boy".

Vicious Kinids

What is a Kinid? This is a common question often asked by countless fans and audience members alike when first tapping their feet with cocktail in hand to the Rockin’ Reggae and Americana based beats... READ MORE

Single Barrel Six – Forever Train

Single Barrel Six is an underground Rock band from Long Beach CA. The track "Forever Train" is the title track from their very first EP also titled "Forever Train." It incorporates heavy hitting drums... READ MORE

Bearcoon – Buffalo

New video from local band Bearcoon for their song "Buffalo". Their songs, and subsequently this video, have a powerful raw quality that truly reflect their lifestyle and the love they have for eachoth... READ MORE

Mr. Good Day

A bass fronted power trio from the city of Long Beach, Ca, Fusing the sounds of rock, funk, and blues. Mr, Good Day is an eclectic band that does not live in one genre.

We’re No Gentlemen – Mirror Mirror

We're No Gentlemen's first official music video

Local Show Pick of the Week: Free the Robots @ The Federal Bar Underground

The summer is heating up and some of the best musicians around are going to turn the heat even higher at The Federal Bar Underground this Thursday. Falling Mirrors Collective and Society for Long Beac... READ MORE

Neonderthal -Lost and found

NEONDERTHAL from Long Beach, California. This release is our first full length album under this moniker. The Album was produced by the late Ikey Owens and recorded at Compound Studios in our home town... READ MORE

Rats in the Louvre – Self-Titled Album

Debut album from Rats in the Louvre. Released digitally on bandcamp on July 14, 2015.


NEONDERTHAL from Long Beach, California. This release is the first full length album under this moniker. The Album was produced by the late Ikey Owens and recorded at Compound Studios in their home to... READ MORE

EXCLUSIVE: Snakearm – Concrete

When you think "restaurant" you don't think electro-blues swamp punk band, you think food I don't have to cook that will probably taste better then that bag of instant noodles I had lined up.  Fortuna... READ MORE

Local Show Pick of the Week: Bicycle Drive-In featuring The Wizard of OZ+MOVE

The Summer And Music teams brings you the third annual Bicycle Drive-In this Saturday, July 18 at 7pm on the Promenade. The night will be full of sensory simulation complete with a screening of The Wi... READ MORE

Young Flash – She Won’t Quit

This is the first effort by Long Beach artist Young Flash in collaboration with composer - producer - engineer William J. Sullivan and his label Wreckin' Joint Productions.

J. Burd – The Wind Will Blow

"The Wind WIll Blow" A radical tune off of J. Burds' (Long Beach) self-titled album which will be coming out by the end of this summer on 12" with Baby Carrot Records and on Cassette with Leg Records.

Starla Angus – You Judge Me

One time I worked on a movie set and I was cast as a homeless person -- I mean I really looked the part. We were working on location and not the studio so I had to use the bathroom at the Long Beach C... READ MORE