Suburban Serfs have been working on new tracks over the last year at 3 Pt. Studios with engineer/producer/owner Brian Frederick. The band released their debut album last year and consist of Patrick O’Konski (Guitar/Vocals), Mark Delgado (Guitar/Vocals), Corey O’Neill (Bass/Guitar/Vocals) and Max Cogert (Drums). Paul Stengel played drums for these recordings. Here is the first listen at some of the songs from these sessions:
Post Post-Modernist (Delgado)

A fast punk riff that the drums play with by moving back-and-forth from double-time to a standard beat and a good ol’ guitar freakout in the middle.
Cool Kids (O’Neill)

Corey wrote this song about 2 years ago but it made it’s way into our set within the last year. He played the acoustic on the beginning and the bass for the rest, while Mark sings it.
Tough Sell (O’Konski)

The first track of these sessions to be released. It appeared on the Long Beach Rock Mixtape #1 through Long Beach Compilations that was released a few months ago. Mark and Patrick trade vocals throughout.
Suburban Serfs play this Thursday, August 27th at The Prospector with Hedersleben (OAK), Alpha Particles.DJ TAPES, and Freeman’s Dead
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