Long Beach-based Sunflower Dead is creepy. Simple as that sentence may seem, it is undeniably true. From lead vocalist Michael Del Pizzo’s black-veined head to lead guitarist Jaboo’s bloodied eyes, Sunflower Dead is terrifying.

Their second album, It’s Time To Get Weird, is scheduled for release October 30th, and I’m sure they’ll be playing several shows in Long Beach to lead up to and later support the album. Their single “Dance With Death” hit the radios just this week, and is a perfect mesh between danceable rock and zombie-slaying metal.

The very first interview I ever did was with Del Pizzo, before a headlining show at the Gaslamp. I was terrified just to be interviewing a musician, and the band’s off-putting appearance only worsened my fear.

At the show that night, Del Pizzo brought out his accordion, and—standing absolutely still—stared straight into my eyes unwaveringly while playing eerie chords on the accordion. It was quite the experience.

As we await their new release, I advise taking a look at their self-titled album that includes the catchy songs “Wasted” and “Ghosts” and a cover of “Every Breath You Take” by the Police.

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Zoe Adler

Teen View Music

Zoe Adler leads an excitingly music-filled life by playing the flute in various ensembles, rocking out at local shows, and writing for her website: TeenView Music (www.teenviewmusic.com). She developed the revolutionary Visual Radio, a concept that mends all the problems that arise in radio today. Zoe has participated in the GRAMMY Foundation's GRAMMY Camp and has had a press and media pass to Rocklahoma, a three-day rock festival in Oklahoma. She is very excited for the future.

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