2015-10-16_13.34.17FIRST, LAST, & ALWAYS is a weekly series that aims to give readers a quick introduction to some of the talented and hardworking musicians defining the Long Beach music scene. 

Meet guitarist, composer, and producer Jesse Carzello. 

Carzello moved from Virginia to Long Beach in 2000. Upon his arrival he played in a mostly instrumental group called The Luke Warm Quartet and was also a member of the experimental hip-hop group, Coaxial.

As a result of his connections through friends, Carzello became the lead guitarist in the  infamous brainchild of Isaiah “Ikey” Owens – Free Moral Agents.  

As members of Free Moral Agents – Ikey Owens, Mendee Ichikawa, Dennis Owens, Ryan Reiff, Reid Kinnett, and Jesse Carzello – toured all over the United States and Europe. Together they also released seven albums and a self titled EP, which can still be found available for download on iTunes.

This time last year, Ikey Owens unexpectedly passed away as a result of a previously undetected heart problem. Since the tragic loss of Owens, plans for the remaining Free Moral Agents tracks have not been made public.  Whether or not their last recordings with Owens will be made available for public consumption, Free Moral Agents will always represent the time these artists collaborated as friends and created some of the most memorable music to come out of Long Beach in recent history.  

During his hiatuses from Free Moral Agents, Carzello started a home recording project that began with him writing, arranging, and recording solo.  After years of quietly honing his skills, Carzello finally decided to put out an album. With the inclusion of several of his closest friends, the formation of the band bobby blunders began to take shape. With over thirty of Carzello’s musical friends contributing to the project, the first bobby blunders album was appropriately titled “best neighborhood band.”

Jesse Carzello’s FIRST, LAST, & ALWAYS

FIRST  band you were in?

I was in a band with my middle school best friend.  It was called Planet Uranus or something similarly juvenile.  We were 13. 

LAST album you played?


Song that ALWAYS makes you smile?

‘You Caught Me Smiling’ by Sly and the Family Stone. Besides the obvious connection in the title, it’s impossible to sing this song, which I brazenly do on occasion, without a smile on your face.


To find out more information about Jesse Carzello, and to purchase tickets to see bobby blunders perform at The Mint in Hollywood next Tuesday October 20th, please visit the website http://bobbyblunders.com







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