FIRST, LAST, & ALWAYS is a weekly series that aims to give readers a quick introduction to some of the talented and hardworking musicians defining the Long Beach music scene.

Meet drummer, engineer, and producer Anthony “Antoine” Arvizu.

twon close colorAntoine Arvizu is the owner and manager of one of Long Beach’s best kept secrets, The Compound Studio. Arvizu personally records and produces most of the artists that come to his studio seeking the “Compound Sound.”  

The intangible “Compound Sound” being sought out by world renowned artists is comprised of an authentic creative culture organically generated whenever you gather people who truly love making records, a mix of vintage and state of the art recording equipment, and the musical expertise of Arvizu himself.   

Arvizu was born and raised in Long Beach. At an early age drumming became his first love. The Long Beach music scene is where he forged and nurtured his lifelong love for rock and roll, folk, soul, psychedelia, cat meow operas, and the ‘new wave’ of the late 70’s.

As a drummer on the burgeoning landscape of Alternative and Indie music Arivizu has toured all over the world as a founding member of legendary Long Beach bands: Snowblind (1978) National People’s Gang (1983) Bourbon Jones (1994) The Neptune Blues Club (2008) and Cowboy and Indian (2009). As an Engineer he contributed to the classic Sublime album 40 oz. to Freedom.

Over the decades Arvizu has worked with Ryan Bingham, Ryan Adams, Marc Ford (Black Crowes), Ikey Owens (The Mars Volta & Jack White), Michael ‘Miguel’ Happoldt (Sublime), Marshall ‘Ras MG’ Goodman (Sublime), Mavis Staples, Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Elliot Smith, John Bazz, Jay Buchanan (Rival Sons), Mike Malone, Avi Buffalo, Chicano Batman, Rudy De Anda, Free Moral Agents, Bearcoon, Bill Barrett, and many more. 

Anthony Antoine Arvizu’s FIRST, LAST, & ALWAYS

FIRST album he produced/recorded at The Compound Studio: Seamonsters by PAL

LAST album produced by someone else that he wishes he had worked on: Envy is a deadly sin

Band that ALWAYS reminds him of his childhood: The Beatles

 To learn more about Anthony “Antoine” Arvizu and his work at The Compound Studio visit the website
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