12195985_467880610065371_3310626051026370586_nIt’s once in a blue moon when a group of people that love there city have the opportunity to come together for one weekend and show their peers just how much they appreciate them through music and art. Starting this Friday, November 13th, Porch Party Records, Ghoulhouse Records, Falling Mirrors Collective, Long Beach Music Collective, and 4th Street Vine, bring you Hustle Long Beach. For 3 days every show put on by the group will be completely FREE to the public. Friday will kick of the festival at Signal 1883 with some of the most talented beat and rhyme makers around. Saturday and Sunday will take place at Bixby Park and 4th Street Vine and will consist of over 15 musical acts and a hand full of artists. If you have plans to go out of town this weekend you might want to cancel because the only place that will matter is Long Beach!


Event Info

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About the Author

Tokotah Skye Ashcraft

With a growing number of shows at local venues such as The Federal Bar, Harvelle's, and First Friday's Bixby Knolls, Tokotah and her Falling Mirrors Collective curate some of the best musical talent in the city. She is a member of the Long Beach Music Council, avid supporter of the arts and an active member of the Beygency.

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