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Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Moan: Motown and Chill at Alex’s Bar

On February 18th Alex’s Bar opened its chamber doors to The Altons’ latin-rock riffs, Pizano and Vitolo’s rocksteady beats, and The Moan’s sounds of motown.   Kicking things off with the right foot (o... READ MORE

Local Show Pick of the Week: MUSARITY feat. The Absynth Quartet + VAVAK + more!

Eidon is proud to bring the first MUSARITY event of 2016 to The Good Bar in Long Beach, CA on Thursday, Feb 25th. Event patrons are requested to bring a minimum of one can of food as admission to the... READ MORE

Niles Crane – Special Projects Officer

Bootleg Orchestra – Feels Like Whoa

A love song. To purchase, go to…-like-whoaVocals - Vanessa Acosta Guitar/Producer - Menchie Caliboso Drums - Chris Walker (former band member)Back-up Vocals: A... READ MORE

Radiohearts – Tell You EP

In the corners where punk masquerades in pop’s clothing, where power marries pop to piss off their parents and where finding a rare single from the years between 1977-79 is as good as winning the lott... READ MORE

King Kang

King Kang’s guitar-driven psychedelic pop is an electric experience of emotion and sound that consumes the listener entirely. Drawing from a multitude of genres and stylistic influences, the five-piec... READ MORE

xLSREBELSx – Sink or Swim

Long Beach Pirate Video – Episode 8 Feat. King Kang & Neonderthal

What do you get when you mix blues, rock, punk, funk, with dashes of everything in between? KING KANG!! What do you get when you mix new wave, rock, and progressive with powerful lyrics? Neonderthal !... READ MORE

Bundy – The Demo

The Thingz – Troubles Begin

The Thingz like rock n roll, BBQ, good times and all the good things. if you feel the same way, the Thingz are here for you...

Local Show Pick of the Week: First Friday’s Mardi Gras

February is Mardi Gras month and one of the most unique celebrations in the city is the First Friday's Mardi Gras celebration in Bixby Knolls. While there is a "First Friday's" every month, this parti... READ MORE


Long Beach Pirate Video #7 is all about "the Ladies". Take a trip through the LBC to the bluesy rock of Shy But Flyy to the psychedelic sounds of SLICE. Catch either one of these bands live and you wo... READ MORE