This month, Long Beach musician Alicia Murphy is premiering three new videos on Long Beach Independent!

After quietly self-releasing her second studio project in mid-2015, the three-song EP Towns, Cities and Little Ditties, Murphy began working with a variety of local filmmakers to complete her vision for the project. The two live-action videos were filmed in and around Long Beach, and the third was illustrated and animated by Long Beach artists Dave Van Patten and Gabriel Gaete.

According to Murphy, the three songs on the EP focus on the societal, personal, and planetary foundations that shape our decisions, experiences, and interactions. Check out the first video our our 3 part series for her song “Midtown”.

Here are some insightful words straight from the artist about the making of “Midtown” and the thought and feeling behind they “why”.

“My song “Midtown” is about the foundations of our modern societies: whether you are in the hustle of the city or the humble quiet of a town, the underlying foundations and histories of those places are always present. In particular, this song is about the habits that we have formed as a society and how the foundations of these habits have affected and continue to affect our natural environment.

The societal foundation that this video highlights is our reliance on oil. Most of the video is filmed in Signal Hill, a city that is rich with oil and has a fascinating oil-pumping history. The oil derricks in this area are literally in the backyards of the people who live there. I wanted to film this video there because it is easy to forget how oil-driven our lives are and these images show the direct connection of our society living all-up-in the pocket of the oil industry. This facet of the world is a complex foundation of society that started long before I was alive. The video is an attempt to understand the simple things that run our lives, where our society is going, and what we can all do to improve our future.

Featured in the video is a skateboard made by a innovative company called Bureo. Skateboarding is one of my favorite things to do whether I am in a city or town, but the reason I chose to feature this particular skateboard is because of its direct relation to environmentalism. The skateboard is made from recycled plastic fishnets that have been collected from where they were discarded in the ocean or on the shore. The plastic from the fishnets is re-pelletized and pressed to create the body of the board. To me, this skateboard symbolizes a beacon of hope for how we can re-frame our perception of the trash produced by our oil-based society.”

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Shea Newkirk

Executive Editor, Long Beach Independent

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