This month, Long Beach musician Alicia Murphy is premiering three new videos and this is the second in our series with the video for “Home”!

After quietly self-releasing her second studio project in mid-2015, the three-song EP Towns, Cities and Little Ditties, Murphy began working with a variety of local filmmakers to complete her vision for the project. The two live-action videos were filmed in and around Long Beach, and the third was illustrated and animated by Long Beach artists Dave Van Patten and Gabriel Gaete.

According to Murphy, the three songs on the EP focus on the societal, personal, and planetary foundations that shape our decisions, experiences, and interactions.

Here is a little bit about the video from Alicia Murphy herself:

The song “Home”, from my Towns, Cities & Little Ditties EP, is about the journey of finding our own home within the often times ridiculous, but mostly very wonderful puzzle of life. This song explores the foundations that we create within our personal lives and how the foundations of each individual inevitably will have an effect their town or city.

The video was directed by Long Beach videographer Eugene Sung. He approached me with the concept for the video after hearing the song from a mutual friend. We met up for a brainstorm and after a brief chat we knew immediately the puzzle I needed to put together: the album artwork for Towns, Cities, and Little Ditties, illustrated by Dave Van Patten. The album art is directly inspired by my experiences with the foundational differences between life in a town or a city. It is essentially an illustration of my personal foundations.

Home means something different to everyone. I believe that an important part of this life is finding and nurturing a healthy, sustainable home life, no matter what structure or form it takes, no matter where it is or who it is with, and no matter how long it takes to find.

Everyone has their own puzzle to explore. This video is about the journey we all take to find our home and make it cozy.

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