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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Long Beach Pirate Video – Episode 11 Feat. Bootleg Orchestra, The Black Noise & More

Live After Five (Neo Soulstrice) show at the Historic Breakers Hotel featuring Bootleg Orchestra, The Black Noise, Jungle Fever, and Tiffany Gouche'. Poetry by Jragon Fly Jon, Shy But Flyy, and Nerdy... READ MORE

RSD 2016 Fast Approaching

Record Store Day (RSD) 2016 is quickly approaching yet again, and this year the special day will be held on Saturday April 16. RSD was first founded in 2007 by a group of indie record store owners to... READ MORE

Have Your Coffee And Drink It Too

Among made-for-each-other pairings, it’s easy to name anything from peanut butter and jelly to Queen and David Bowie. In that endless list, one pair that should not be forgotten is the combination of... READ MORE

Pow Wow Now – John Deere Letter

The song is about my personal experience of being dumped by a letter. It sucked but we made this into a cool jam. There's also a dumb joke in the title.

Alicia Murphy Video Release Pt 3; Features Game/Video Tilt Of The Earth

For "Tilt of the Earth", the final installment of the Towns, Cities, and Little Ditties trilogy, I joined forces with two incredibly talented Long Beach artists to create something that is not just... READ MORE

White Fang and Sad Girl get mad at MADhaus

Saturday, April 2nd MadHaus turned up the noise as Astro Lizard Records and Music Tastes Good presented White Fang, Sad Girl, Colleen Green, Sister Crowley, and Shady Francos. MADhaus’s cavernous spac... READ MORE