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Record Store Day (RSD) 2016 is quickly approaching yet again, and this year the special day will be held on Saturday April 16. RSD was first founded in 2007 by a group of indie record store owners to celebrate this unique culture and has since become a special day for record store owners, staff, music lovers, and musicians all across the globe. More on Record Store Day can be found at their website at

With the vivacious energy of Long Beach’s music scene, there will be plenty for the record junkie to do this coming Saturday. 


Fingerprints @ 420 E. 4th St.

(562) 433-4996  |  Hours: 6am-9pm

It’s rise and shine, my little sunshine, because Fingerprints will be opening their doors at 6am. Below is a condensed version of their schedule that you can check out on their FB event page. Make sure to RSVP to any of the events that catch your eye! 

6:00am – Opening bell

1:00pm – Al Jourgensen

4:00pm – Mike Watt

Around 4 pm FREE ICE CREAM! Ice Cream Ian will be stopping by to give away frosty treats courtesy of WEA.

6:00pm – Brett Dennen

Please RSVP for any of the performances you’re hoping to attend by calling 562.433.4996, or by dropping in for a face to face.


Third Eye Records @ 2234 E 4th St.

(714) 415-9814  |  Hours: 10am-7pm

Third Eye Records has moved! Come celebrate RSD with Third Eye Records at their new location on Retro Row with a 2pm performance by the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs. 

Hours: Noon-7pm 

2:00pm – Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs 


Durty Mick Records / The HUB of Long Beach @ 2148 E. 4th St.

(562) 343-2381  |  Hours: 6am-7pm

We’ve got another early riser as The HUB will be cracking its doors at 6am. Now located inside The HUB of Long Beach, they’ll be having over a hundred exclusive RSD releases so get there early! 


Dyzzy on Vynyl @ 3004 E. 7th St. 

(562) 438-8928  |  Hours: Noon-6pm 

FB: Dyzzy on Vynyl

Dyzzy on Vynyl is 17 years old! Come check out what Dyzzy has in stock, ranging from 45s, CDs, DVDs, and other music paraphernalia. And if you ever want to get your records converted to CDs, Dyzzy’s your man. 


Bagatelle Records @ 260 Atlantic Ave. 

(562) 432-7534  |  Hours: 11am-5:30pm

Steve Mintz at Bagatelle always has a huge selection of used old school vinyl in stock, so come by and sift your day away. Cash only! 


Toxic Toast Records @ 757 Pine Ave.

(52) 999-2516  |  Hours: Noon-6pm 

FB: Toxic Toast Records

Toxic Toast Records has plenty of imported original pressings so if you’ve been hankering for something outside of the US, come take a look at Toxic Toast Records has in store. 


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Constance first made her way into music as a crotchety child who did not take to piano lessons very well. After many failed vows as an adolescent to quit the piano forever, she has cultivated a deep fondness and appreciation for her classical training in the many years since. She enjoys promoting the mutual love for the vibrant and colorful music scene of Long Beach, as well as supporting the local arts community. You can check out her videos and piano teaching services at

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