Saturday July 23rd, 2016 — The Brass Lamp opened its iron gates for the fusion beats and aerial sounds of Thrillhaus Jazz Ensemble.

Even without their full lineup the lads managed to put together a very dynamic set. Their first opened with a cover of Flying Lotus’s “Do the Astral Plane”– one of Fly Lo’s more widely known and popular tracks do to it’s digital richness and rhythmic complexities (it sounds neat too). Thrillhaus grasped its essence as their rendition suspended in midair like a robot hummingbird.

Their drummer laid down a solid break beat. Lots of high hat, cymbals, alluring pauses, intricate fills, and changes. Bass was fat and fuzz faced. Electric keyboard notes gave the track a more lounge funk vibe, and at times created a sense of brief rainfall.

Their second set was more of a jazz jam. Setup for other musicians wanting to join in on the astral surfing.

When these cats aren’t pushing the fusion boundaries they’re definitely keeping it alive. Check them out when they swing back around Sunday, August 7th for the last night of The Brass Lamp’s Summer Brassfest 2016.

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