Jim Fisk Jazztet

Jim Fisk Jazztet played cool sounds at Portfolio on Friday night. Their set had an interesting lineup of original material with a few covers tossed in.

The quartet–guitar, bass, drums, sax–has an unwinding effect on the psyche. Part of that might have to do with the chorus and tube screamer effects which create a dew-laden breeze.

An example of this was in the song “Scruffy and Me” which carried a resemblance of that rainy florida sound made popular by Jaco Pastorius. Overcast, rainy, yet playful. Another of their originals followed a similar sound formula. It was a fusion track dedicated to Jim Fisk’s brother and his fondness of the genre. They played other tunes that set a similar mood.

They covered “All Blues” by Miles Davis–the song’s sensual melody allows your mind to wander and meander through the ins and outs of the summer night. The saxophonist’s tone was clean, accurate, and didn’t veer from the theme. After covering Miles they played another original.

It had more of a mystically dissonant and diminished sound inspired by Disneyland’s Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Afterwards they played a track titled “One World, One Race.” Fortunately it isn’t an ode to the Third Reich or anything like that.

The track started off slightly haunting in a Twin Peaks fashion–channeling Angelo Badalamenti. The whole song is up tempo and radiates sax lines. 

If you’re ever at Portfolio Coffeehouse ask around to see if you can catch Jim Fisk Jazztet. You won’t be disappointed.

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