Sam Outlaw, noted L.A. singer-songwriter, who according to the L.A. Times  is “on the cusp of country stardom,” is coming to Long Beach July 21 at the Broken Drum. The Long Beach date is one of three Southern California shows before Outlaw and band head to Europe for a month-long tour.

Outlaw, who describes his music as SoCal country, is getting set to release his third full-length album after last year’s release of the highly regarded Tenderheart. Long Beach Independent asked the former Long Beach resident some questions in advance of the show.

LBI: How would you describe the sound of the new album and what details can you let us know before the official release?

SO: The new album is in the final mixing stages, and I’ve been getting SO pumped hearing the new tunes come to life. I’d describe the new album as a much more lively rock sound than anything I’ve done before. It’s going to be so fun playing these songs live! I co-produced the album in San Clemente with my friend Kelly Winrich from the band Delta Spirit. We recruited a crack team of musicians from Texas and Los Angeles, including some legendary players like JayDee Maness who’s know for his work with The Byrds and the Desert Rose Band. It was a true joy to collaborate with such talented people. 

LBI: Your popularity keeps growing in Europe and the UK and you won the 2018 Americana UK Award for International Song of the Year. Why do you think fans in those countries have embraced your music?

SO: The audiences oversees tend to really go out of their way to discover music that lives outside of the mainstream. I feel really lucky that they’ve been so supportive of my albums, and I’ll always return so long as they’ll have me.

LBI: After your July shows in San Diego, Long Beach and LA, you’re off for a summer tour of Europe. How does this tour shape up compared to your last tour of Europe?

SO: This summer will be the first time I’ll play in France and Germany. I’m pumped for the chance to play some new countries as well as revisit some of my favorite cities like Madrid, Brighton (UK), Stockholm, and Amsterdam. 

LBI: Singer-songwriter Molly Parden is in your band for this tour. How did you come to work with her, she being in Nashville and you here in L.A.?

SO: Molly Parden is one of my favorite singers and an AMAZING songwriter. I met her in Nashville in 2015. I had just played a show and she came up to the merch table to buy a t-shirt haha. Her boyfriend at the time mentioned that she could sing so we stayed in touch and eventually we started performing together in 2016. I’m excited to start up with her again – her harmonies are beautiful and her new songs are incredible!

LBI: You once lived in Long Beach and used to play here regularly, including the Folk Revival Festival. What thoughts do you have about playing here?

SO: I lived in Long Beach for 7 years. I absolutely adore Long Beach and I always will. My first ever show was performing at the “We Love Long Beach” outdoor event in May 2009 and I cut my teeth playing late night gigs at The Prospector. Without Long Beach, I may have never started playing my songs in public. 

Connect with Sam Outlaw:, Twitter: @theSamOutlaw, Instagram: #samoutlaw

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