Music evolves: BipolArte presents BipoSEXual

The world-wide awaited release of “BipoSEXual” from Los Angeles based artist Bipolarte is here for the whole universe to enjoy! The album is composed of 11 songs in both English and Spanish demonstrating a solid diversity of genres variants of rock including reggae, ska, punk, metal, and acoustic. The album complements the anticipated musical evolution of Bipolarte through his combination of striking visual elements that unmistakably distinguish his work.

BipolArte is created by the composer and virtuoso guitarist Arte Delgado-Rendón. Here, he presents the second act of his trilogy of The International Bipolar Rock Opera. He ventures on his next tour “About to be famous Tour” after the resounding success of his first album which resulted in more than 300 presentations in 73 different cities from coast to coast in the United States and Mexico—becoming the most active emerging independent artist in Latin America. He shared the stage with renowned Latin bands like Electric Diamond (Grammy winners), La Castañeda, Siddhartha, Risk of Contagion, Hidden Faces, El Haragán & Compañía, Cuca, Gondwana, Zenobia, Big Javi (Voice of Inspector), Botellita de Jerez and more.

In this body of work, BipolArte unifies madness and freedom through music in all of its glory—taking this work to innovative heights and pushing new boundaries. BipoSEXual is formed with different well-known collaborations such as Opera singer Gabriela Crowe, Freddy Contreras from the legendary metal band Pro-Fe-Cía, Drummer Gabo Ramírez from the acclaimed Angelina band María Fatal, Luis Mejía, current drummer of the bands Porter and Rotor, among others.

The sound of BipolArte is a hybrid of experimental rock that combines the fantasy of David Bowie, the freshness of Red Hot Chili Peppers, the mystery of Black Sabbath, the soul of Johann Sebastian Bach, the spirit of Paco De Lucía, the feeling of Santana and the intensity of Jesus Christ Super Star. His image involves an intriguing sense of danger, freedom, madness and esoteric mystery. His style is creating a new era in music, one with an original bridge connecting performance and rock music with a high voltage overload of energetic freedom. He captivates a diverse audience through his ability to entice the listener to curiosity about the disturbed mind behind BipolArte.

Contact: Arte Delgado

[email protected]

Telephone: (408) 603-0174

Oficial website:

Download the FREE BipoSEXual album:

BipolArte – BipoSEXual – Dropbox


BipolArte – BipoSEXual – English

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