Sovereign Son are an L.A. based Metal band who have recently launched with their first single entitled ‘Fractured Pictures’, available via all online stores on Holier Than Thou Records.

Englishman Singer/Guitarist Marc Malone is now a resident of Long Beach. We cut this from an interview to celebrate the emerging music from the city.

A snippet from a recent interview:

What does Sovereign Son mean to you?

“I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations over the course of my life. Tragedy has nearly crippled me from living and the actions of others have nearly killed me at times. Some of the consequences of other people’s actions led me to despair. What can be done about it? Well, caring about your loved ones, your greater circle and even the culture at large is important, maybe even vital. But ultimately, you cannot change the tragedy of others even if it hits you like a truck. You can’t always control the cause but you can, through the sheer resilience of your eternal spirit, control the effect. You can’t remove pain from your existence even if you had an unlucky start to life. Many of us are dealt a difficult hand. You can only deal with the effects as an individual in your own life. How you view what has happened to you is the difference. The difference between being what you are and what you could be. That’s where being Sovereign matters. You may well indeed be a victim, but you can decide not to be one anyway. That is a power that you do have. Even if you are subjugated by catastrophe – no one can steal your soul from you. I was born a Sovereign Son, and I have to remember every day through the tragedies of life that I remain a Sovereign Son.”

Full interview available soon. Check out the song via link.

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