Epic XVIII is back at it again with their new single “Make it Right.” Their first release since their album “EPIC 18” in May, “Make it Right” sticks true to the band’s ska style with an energetic horn line and upbeat tempo that will get even the heaviest of those Dr. Martens jumping around.

“Make it Right” was collaboratively written by guitar player Austin Chavarin and baritone saxophonist and lead singer Adam Marquez. Chavarin is responsible for the infectious horn riff, while Marquez provided the lyrics and bridge for the song. Often referred to as “the Dad song” by bandmates, the lyrics for “Make it Right” were written in effort to show Marquez’s 4 kids that attitude is everything.

This single inspires audience members to take a step back and reflect on their perspective on life and decisions they make. When faced with adversity and struggling times, how do you react, respond and resolve your situation?  With the chorus singing in harmony “Keeping your head up!” and “Don’t quit when you get stuck!” it is easy to get the sense that Epic XVIII wants nothing more than to show their listeners that the power of their attitude is in their hands, so, “Make it Right!”


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