Catharsis is the debut self-produced album of the Long Beach, CA based artist leo.moon. Coming after the release of the vaporwave EP 24/7 Incantations, and four years after the EP States of Matter under the alias WYNNE, Jordan Wynne (leo.moon) brings us seven electronic tracks that immerse us in a sound of feeling.

The 30 minute album takes the emotions of a person navigating through an environment of false promise and deterioration. A world that can’t make eye contact, and craving the catharsis of wanting to look deep in the eyes of the earth and hold it close. It is a feeling of care in a world where people have less and less space to do so. It asks us to strive for the light and break out of illusory chambers that keep us contained. It is an album that deals with depression, confronting the somberness made from a world where everyone is drowning, and how to lift yourself back up.

The lyrics take us on a mental odyssey of self. Our voyager seeks emotional catharsis on this journey. The album dips between grounded and astral from track to track, exploring both self and self-reflection.

The album is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. If listeners follow the leo.moon Soundcloud, additional tracks can be found from 24/7 Incantations and a bonus track for the Catharsis album.

Booking inquiries for any performances in Long Beach should go to [email protected]


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About the Author


Vocal Electronica artist from Long Beach, CA.
Take influence from future funk, vaporwave, and prog rock.

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