IMPORTANT NOTICE: LBI has served the Long Beach community for many years, but due to lack of community support this site will be shutting down January 1st, 2020


Live Music in Long Beach, California

Taylor Collins Band – photo by Jordon Dunn

Long Beach Independent is a local music blog that focuses on the music & musicians of Long Beach, Ca and surrounding areas. Often times Long Beach gets clumped in with Los Angeles or even Orange County, but the contrast of people, culture, and music is like night and day compared to the sandwiching cities of LA & OC.

The Long Beach music scene is rich in history and diversity and can only truly be understood and represented from within. Long Beach Independent gives those looking to share their stories about local music a solid platform to stand on and a megaphone to shout it to the world. We do this because we LOVE music. We do this because no one else would. We do this because we are Long Beach’s Independents.

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