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Alyssandra is known by her community and everyone she comes in contact with as inspirational, a dream-pusher, limitless. She has the divine craftyness to make anything she imagines a reality. This is expressed through all of her art forms; singing and songwriting, poetry, painting and performance. A local legend in Long Beach, she is a hub in her community, constantly realizing new ideas and events to gather and bond her fellow citizens.

Recent Submissions

Follow Me Along The Sea: San Simeon to Long Beach!

San Simeon to Oceano State Park: 55 milesThe next day when I woke up the morning light made the whole campground glow.  We made breakfast and got moving quickly, eager to stop for coffee in Cambria.  ... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: San Francisco to San Simeon!

San Francisco to Costonoa KOA: 55 milesFirst day of the new chapter in this adventure.  Toren and I met Sarah and Dustin at the Daly City Bart Station.  I wanted to get an early start to prove that I... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Mendocino to San Francisco!

Mendocino to Gualala State Park: 47 milesI stayed up way too late on our rest day in Mendocino working on this blog and really paid for it the next day.  I was dragging the whole day.  It's funny how... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Arcata to Mendocino!

In case you're wondering, here's the different ways we have been packing our bikes.  This video was from Elk Prairie, so everything's changed a little, since: Arcata to Burlington State Park: 65 miles... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Sunset Bay State Park to Arcata!

Sunset Bay State Park to Humbug Mountain State Park: 57 milesAfter our much needed rest day, we felt great!  We had a great pace the next day.  All of our breaks were really well timed.  I had a hard... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Lincoln City to Sunset Beach State Park!

Lincoln City to Newport: 24 milesWe took a half day to get from Lincoln City to Newport, where Tyler had some friends of his family that we could stay with.  The Oregon Coast is very beautiful, but al... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Portland to Lincoln City!

Portland to Salem: 55 milesI composed this on my phone, my apologies for the lack of capital letters. Portland was amazing.  The night before we left, we went for a 10pm Voo Doo Donut run.  already st... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Olympia to Portland!

Days Four and Five: Olympia to Portland: 135 milesWe woke up at dawn on Monday.  The supermoon was still hangng over the Puget Sound.  We ate some oatmeal did a little stretching, packed up our bikes... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Tacoma to Olympia

Day Four: Tacoma to Olympia: 31 milesWe woke up the next morning in Tacoma pretty tired. The first thing I did was figure out what I could do to lighten my load.  I ditched my waterproof handlebar bag... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Seattle to Tacoma!

Day One and Two: Seattle, WADavid, one of my best friends who just moved up to Seattle, picked us up from the airport with his truck, so we could fit all the boxes.  He, our friends, Lexi and Alex and... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Operation: LAX to SEA!

I guess the first part of this adventure was getting ourselves and our bikes to Seattle! We were so fortunate to get a world of help from our friends at the bicycle stand in Long Beach.  Nicole, Evan... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Getting Packed

Well, boys and girls, this is it!  We're leaving tomorrow!  Jenny and Bela (our boss at viento y agua) have offered to take us to the airport.  The Bicycle Stand was nice enough to help us box up our... READ MORE

The Bike Hunt!

I guess one of the key elements of making a music-tour-by-bicycle happen would be having a bicycle.  Sarah's been mousing away trying to figure out what we're supposed to be looking for. They all... READ MORE

Training Montage

Only 15 days until we leave for Seattle!  Time has passed so fast! With all the planning for the Vaudeville Show and finishing the album I definitely haven't had as much time to train as I had ho... READ MORE