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Earl Harville is a voice teacher recognized for his dedication to training singers as elite athletes. He has a B.A. in Vocal Performance from Columbia College Chicago and a Masters in Music Education from VanderCook College of Music. He trained with renowned vocal teacher and therapist Randy Buescher as well serving as an associate in his suburban Chicago studio. He teaches clients from ages 8 to 80. A member of International Voice Teachers Of MIX (IVTOM) and ASCAP, Earl remains active as a singer/songwriter, known for his soulful blend of R&B, gospel, and pop.

Recent Submissions

Local Vocals: Performance Day Warmup Routine

     Happy Holidays!!!  This month, I am sharing some helpful hints on getting your voice ready to rock on the day of your show. The process of warming up should start early in the day and be don... READ MORE


Local Vocals: Fueling The Voice

  In my teaching studio, I can often be heard reminding students that we singers are like elite olympic athletes. The same driven, focused attention to training and proper technique that is required o... READ MORE


Local Vocals – The Vocal Cooldown

As important as the vocal warmup is to the longevity and health of a singer’s instrument, the cooling down of the voice is also crucial for the serious singer. This month, I am sharing one of my train... READ MORE

Local Vocals – Watch How You Talk!!!

Let's clear up a few things, why don't we. The speaking and singing voices are not two separate instruments!! We do not possess two sets of true vocal folds with one controlling talking and the other... READ MORE

Local Vocals: Dealing With A Rising Larynx

  A common problem for vocalists is the rising of the larynx, or voice box, which houses the vocal cords. For the most part, your larynx should not move up much when singing higher. The vocal folds st... READ MORE

Local Vocals: Tongue Tension/ Harville Vocal Studio Returns

TONGUE TENSION As I previously mentioned, the tongue is often a source of unwanted tensions for singers. It is important to be aware of the engagement of the hyoid or digastric muscles at the base of... READ MORE

Local Vocals: Developing Resonance

  As I have mentioned before, the human voice is an acoustic instrument like a grand piano or cello. The initial sound is created by the vocal folds being set into vibration by the air coming fro... READ MORE


Local Vocals: How To Practice

  It pretty much goes without saying that practicing is essential to mastery of any endeavor. Anyone who is serious about his singing recognizes this fact. It goes with the territory. What I see... READ MORE


Make ‘Em Work For It: Finding a Vocal Coach

  Let's be honest- voice lessons can be expensive!! In this tough economic climate, it becomes an even larger sacrifice to spend money on vocal training. For that reason, if you are making the in... READ MORE


Local Vocals: Let It Flow- A Primer On Breathing

  In the world of singing, there remains to this day much confusion on the topic of breathing. There is disagreement among teachers and directors as to the most efficient way to control it. The d... READ MORE


Local Vocals: The Daily Vocal Warmup

The modern singer is a vocal athlete. Dancers and elite sports professionals know the importance of preparing the body correctly for performance. Vocalists need to be the same way! Just like the skele... READ MORE