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Eddie Booze has been writing, singing, & playing for & with a few of so-cals bands throughout the last 10 years. He has the unique ability to span or even blend genres using an array of forums to do so. He currently writes & sings for the high energy modern/classic rock/original; The Booze Band. he has also produced Hip-Hop tracks for Long Beach's own J.H.S. Eddie's past projects include but are not limited to: Hard 90, 8 count, Halfton, Mr. Knowitall & more. Eddie also has a full length Christmas Album available for sale all over the internet including itunes & Amazon for this & future holiday seasons. At the moment he is shopping multiple record labels & holding meetings with heads of entertainment in Music & Cinema alike. Eddie has just completed scoring his first 2 films this year. Dysfunctional Friends starring Megan Good & Football star Terrell Owens was released in theaters in February of this year. Eddie has also executive produced & scored the P.O.V. film The Lost Coast Tapes which has already sold in the UK, France, Japan, & Russian territories will also be releasing this year in the U.S. as well. Eddie is taking on 2 more films as of now & a television show that is scheduled to start in Mar of 2012. He is excited to be getting underway with it all.
Bio by: Sobukwe Ramsey.

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