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Kevin McGovern

I’ve been involved with underground art over the last 15 years and currently run the subculture e-zine “Fear & Loathing LB”, with an eye to all things that captivate, entertain, intrigue, and push boundaries. My musical experience began as singer/writer in the late 90’s with punk rock miscreants The Prostitutes and writing commentary/reviews for Now Wave Magazine. Long Beach is one of a kind with its nonstop pulse and remarkable artistic/subversive offerings. I love discovering new music and the talented individuals that bring it to life.

Recent Submissions

This Wild Life – Clouded Review

Looks can be deceiving, stereotypes detract, and emotional sincerity holds the heaviest weight. Born in the underground pop-punk playgrounds of Long Beach, This Wild Life reveals a deafeningly quiet d... READ MORE

Interview With Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is an internationally celebrated band with strong Long Beach roots. With an eclectic sound that is comprised of Cambodian surf-garage, American psychedelic, and exotic female vocals, the... READ MORE


Sawtooth – Band In The Woods Review

From the back roads and hidden woods of Long Beach, California comes the timely musical entity known as Sawtooth. Their newest release “Band in the Woods” is a welcome breath of mysterious air with it... READ MORE


PEG – Living With Abbreviation Review

Fade into the light and disappear through the fog, Peg’s latest collection of psychedelic dream rock is required listening. Sheridan Riley of Avi Buffalo fame creates a unique sonic daydream with the... READ MORE


Interview with Kirk Dominguez of LA Record Truck

The LA Record Truck (now based in Long Beach) can be seen driving all around town and setting up shop at local events much like a food truck but full of musical goodness! LBI contributor Kevin McGover... READ MORE


Interview: Long Gone John of Sympathy For The Record Industry

My first exposure to Sympathy for the Record Industry was in 1989 when I began reading zines like Flipside and Maximum Rock n Roll.  Right away, I would notice the SFTRI ads and thought “that’s a stra... READ MORE


Thom Van – Volume I

The latest six-song collection by Long Beach singer-songwriter Thom Van glistens with a soothing combination of beauty and angst. This collection subtly displays a palette of influences from Built to... READ MORE

The Prostitutes – The Final Cuts, Unreleased LP

The Jelly of the Month Club – Introducing The Jelly of the Month Club

If you’re looking for music to listen to with your kids, infused with Ska, Punk, and Country, then look new further as Jelly of the Month Club have arrived upon the scene. These seasoned musicians pro... READ MORE


Yes Mistress: Gunna Get Arrested 7″ review

The sophisticatedly primitive and psychotic punk sounds of LB’s Yes Mistress will have your body contorting and twitching in record time.  Joe Jizzum of the now defunct Shoot it up! rejoins the realm... READ MORE


Interview With Local Punk Rock Legends Wrong Beach

Infamous Long Beach Punkers Wrong Beach and their front man A.J. discuss their new album and all things Long Beach past & present. Kevin: Hello A.J., so give us the break down on "Wrong Beach". Th... READ MORE


Tijuana Panthers – Semi Sweet

A heat wave comes crashing into Long Beach. The over-priced studio apartment you’re in has zero ventilation and the local hardware store is out of fans. That cute girl, who said she would call today,... READ MORE