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Category: Artists

Jace Metz

Jace Michael Metzler, aka Jace Metz, was born in 1993 and raised in Houston , Texas. He attended The University of Arkansas and moved out to Long Beach, California in 2016 to pursue Acting. He met oth... READ MORE

Tim Russ Krew

Tim Russ Krew is a blues-rock project led by Tim Russ, an actor/director, who is best known for his role as Lt. Tuvok in the Star Trek Voyager series.  Tim's guitar playing has conviction and grace, a... READ MORE

Valdivia X

Long Beach based dark wave one of a kind indie rock experience!

The Brwry LP (debut album by local Long Beach metal band)

Aside from being a love letter to a deceased pet. The Brwry showcase heavy emotions towards the workforce, alcoholism, astral projection and all around death.  The Brwry LP is available on Apple Music... READ MORE


Four years ago, two brothers started a band from their shared bedroom in a small apartment in Belmont Shore. They called ourselves Of Limbo. Since writing, recording and releasing their demo back then... READ MORE

Michael J. Salter

"Song Writer, Multi-instrumentalist, Home Studio Dweller, Ambivert, Virgo" is how Long Beach based musician Michael J. Salter describes himself. He writes and performs indie pop style songs with a dre... READ MORE

8-Bit Jazz Heroes

PRESS START... 8-Bit Jazz Heroes are a jazz duo of guitar and upright bass. They arrange video game music, along with some movie and TV themes into classic cool jazz. You can catch them a few times a... READ MORE

Siri Lorece

Siri Lorece is an established vocalist and recording artist, who delivers a high-energy mix of Soul and Pop with a little bit of Rock sprinkled in the mix. Having performed and toured internationally... READ MORE

Sound Ministry Gurus

Sound Ministry Gurus (Stan DeWitt & Derek O'Brien) have just released their rock opera, "Silver Bullet," and are in discussions about stage and film adaptations. Get your copy today on iTunes at:... READ MORE


Influenced by bands like Television, Ought, Parque Courts, and Talking Heads - Bundy strives to tell painful stories through heavy post punk drumming, growling Bass, and searing reverberous guitar. Th... READ MORE

King Kang

King Kang’s guitar-driven psychedelic pop is an electric experience of emotion and sound that consumes the listener entirely. Drawing from a multitude of genres and stylistic influences, the five-piec... READ MORE

Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks

Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks are a Celtic pagan folk/doom folk band fronted by the Long Beach-based Irish multi-instrumentalist singer Joy Shannon on Celtic harp, cello and harmonium. Taking their... READ MORE

Dedpan Square

Since a young age, Dedpan Square has been creating “art” from whatever materials he could get his hands on. Being raised in a small isolated community, he was disconnected from much of the evolving wo... READ MORE


Long Beach, California producer UNDOCUMENT has set a peculiar goal for his eighteen track release Pleasures that most other artists would probably take for granted: write music that people pay attenti... READ MORE


KM is an indie / pop / rock / soul band based in Long Beach, founded by lead vocalist Timmy Perez.Timmy was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. With an obsession for great vocal harmony, he is also an... READ MORE

Deep Sea PHUX

A selective collective of artist musically and visually creating experi​mental art for the soul. est 2012 Members - dj finatek, Yarbro The Dragon. P.H.U.X. (Phila​nthrop​ist Here Until Xtinct) Origina... READ MORE