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Sam Outlaw is Coming to Long Beach and We Asked Him 5 Questions

Sam Outlaw, noted L.A. singer-songwriter, who according to the L.A. Times  is “on the cusp of country stardom,” is coming to Long Beach July 21 at the Broken Drum. The Long Beach date is one of three... READ MORE

Listening to Mike Vitale

    It is easy to romanticize that it’s a lot of fun to live the life of a singer-songwriter.  Mike Vitale possess all of his special gifts, and is out performing thoughtful songs for audien... READ MORE

New Music, New Stories, and New Shows for Bearcoon

For any band’s rock n’ roll story to be great, it has to include the stars aligning just so in order for some magic to take place. The tale of Indie Duo Bearcoon’s Long Beach story goes like this: Onc... READ MORE

The Triumphant Return Of Local Culture

 Starting tonight music fans can catch this summer's best lineup of local Island Reggae artists at the two day Tafe Summer Concert Jam at Shoreline Aquatic Park. Hosted by The World Famous BBQ Sh... READ MORE

INTERVIEW: Meet Gary Farley of Third Eye Records

Third Eye Records originated in Costa Mesa in 2002, but it has been a longtime participant of the Long Beach music scene. Recently, owner Gary Farley has relocated from the 4th St. and Ohio Ave. locat... READ MORE


FIRST, LAST, & ALWAYS is a weekly series that aims to give readers a quick introduction to some of the talented and hardworking musicians and changemakers defining the Long Beach music scene.Meet... READ MORE


Jody & Judy Timmerman - LBI:You released three new songs back on June 16th. Can you tell us about those three songs and the strategy of releasing three tracks at a time? Arturo Bandini) It sparked... READ MORE

Interview with MARKER – Love & Space & I Don’t Care

MARKER is a newly formed Sludge Pop and Nerd Punk band from Long Beach. They formed in early 2014 when lead vocalist/guitarist Mark Delgado tried to reunite the members of his former band No Hablo. On... READ MORE

THE HARMS From Austin Bring Their Half Nation Tour To Long Beach

The Harms are an all female trio from Austin playing what they describe as surfy garage & riffy psych rock. The band is made up of Chase Frank on vocals and guitar, Jennifer Monsees on vocals and... READ MORE

Interview With RBX

"Deep, deep like the mind of Minolta, now picture this...", the words echo over and over like a haunting voice from a dream and stick around in your head until they are permanently engrained. Long Bea... READ MORE

Street Musicians of Long Beach – HECTOR ORTIZ

On a somewhat cool night about a week ago, my family and I took a stroll along Second Street to acquire some desserts when we passed by a pleasant looking man outside of what will soon be the Neighbor... READ MORE

Concert Preview- VI∙ZA at the Gaslamp, Sept. 11

VI∙ZA is an amazing rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA, with a huge fan base from Europe. Their music has influences from the Armenian culture and is truly like no other. Besides the normal rock i... READ MORE


The Long Beach quartet Fathers & Suns recently announced the release date of the follow up to their acclaimed 2012 debut album "Mama Provides." Their new album titled "&" (pronounced "Ampersan... READ MORE

Interview With Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is an internationally celebrated band with strong Long Beach roots. With an eclectic sound that is comprised of Cambodian surf-garage, American psychedelic, and exotic female vocals, the... READ MORE


Interview With Masks We Made

We recently had the great pleasure of interviewing the Long Beach band Masks We Made. The duo features the vocals and lyrics of Andrea Sepulveda and the guitar and bass of Nando. The DIY band released... READ MORE


The American Daisycutters Make The Long Beach Music Scene EXPLODE

Often times there are music sub-genres that go smoldering along the edge of the massive fire that is a music scene and although they can be seemingly innocuous, they also have the ability to make musi... READ MORE