Are you ready for the most romantic date night ever!?

Come with your love, a first date, a best friend, or solo, cause either way it’s gonna be super fun!

Can’t draw? Don’t feel comfortable creating your own artistic composition? Then come get your adult coloring canvas on with us! Psychologists say that coloring relieves stress and provides the same self-soothing meditative benefit as yoga and other mindfulness techniques.

Award winning artist Brian A. Bernhard has done the heavy creative lifting and crafted a beautifully weird Valentine’s Day-themed composition, featuring a weird demon cupid and his demonic cherub minions swirling in a sea of hearts! Yes, it’s some pretty darn weird art, but would you expect anything less from the mad man behind the South Bay’s very own weird art gallery / boutique “Embrace the Weird”?

All the outlines are printed on a white 12″ x 12″, 16″ x 16″, or a 20″ x 20″ artist canvas. Professional-grade, super-vibrant Montana acrylic paint markers will be available for coloring the canvas and once you are finished, we will hit the artwork with a clear coat of Winsor and Newton gloss varnish to lock in the epic colors!

Brian will be on site to guide you through using the coloring markers, sort out your color choices, and help you with any other creative questions during the workshop.

There are plenty of amazing things to do around the market while you wait for the clear coat to dry: you can marble a silk scarf, make a candle, eat some fresh roasted nuts, snack on a cake-pop, or even head on over to the brewery next door and taste some craft beers!

Includes: Printed art canvas of choice, use of professional grade acrylic paint markers, a beverage and some additional light refreshments.

Perks: Receive a 15% discount on Embrace the Weird apparel and merchandise on the day of your workshop!

I pre ordered some coloring canvases, I have a very limited number of them, so if you would like to do this, get your tix now!

Please note, the ticket cost is per canvas, not per person. If you want to bring your date, loved one, friend or small friend group to help you color the canvas, please feel free (Just send me a note, so I will know how many to expect).

Additionally, the larger the canvas you get the easier the details will be to color in. We have tested out the fine tipped markers on the 12″ canvas and they work great, but are a little more challenging to get all the details.

Don’t worry, if for some reason, you are unable to finish coloring your canvas during the allotted workshop time, we have just installed a creative art bar inside “Embrace the Weird” at Crafted, where you can drop in whenever you want, to finish your canvas!

If you have any question please contact Brian at [email protected]

The Creative Team at Embrace the Weird