January 11, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

It’s Crown Plaza’s ‘perfect people’ release party supported by very talented pals:

Dev Ray

5+ cover 21+

“Crown Plaza originated as the electronic music side project of So Many Wizards’ Nima Kazerouni, who named it in honor of those not-so-halcyon days when he had taken up residence in a room at a rental car agency near LAX, affording him only a view of the Crowne Plaza hotel. Over time, Crown Plaza reverted to a more organic sound and expanded to include guitarist James Roehl, bassist Martin Roark (Tomemitsu) and drummer-background vocalist Christina Gaillard (HIPS).

“Perfect People” is the latest single from the dream-pop quartet’s debut album, which arrives in early 2019. The sprite but melancholic guitar track casts a wary eye on those who seem to have it all — including “baking powder in your noses” — with the boy/girl vocals from Kazerouni and Gaillard waxing nostalgic about how places can change. —- Buzzbands