February 23, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Tickets on sale at https://bit.ly/34EaACp
Doors and dinner service at 6pm. Premiere to follow.

“Silver Bullet” is the story of Brett, an Iraq veteran coming home and trying to put the pieces of his life together. It is a story of our country’s struggles, as told through the experience of one who has paid the most for them. It is ultimately a story of hope and redemption.

Long Beach musicians Stan DeWitt and Derek O’Brien played in their first band together in high school. Afterwards, Stan went on to major in music at CSULB and become an accomplished singer/composer/arranger, while Derek went on to play drums for Social Distortion, Agent Orange, The Adolescents and many others, later becoming a producer and engineer. They reconnected in the studio many years later and began producing records for a variety of artists.

But it was a conversation about their own musical goals that led them down a path to create “Silver Bullet: a Rock Opera.” Now their project is ready for its first full performance, a concert staging that will take place at the Gaslamp in Long Beach on Sunday, February 23 with a cavalcade of some of Long Beach and the region’s best musicians and actors onstage.

Join us on Sunday, February 23 for dinner and drinks, followed by this one-time premiere concert staged performance.

Music and Story by Stan DeWitt & Derek O’Brien
Directed by Ann Wellman
Frank Cope
Saydi Driggers
Desiree Gonzalez
Dennis Hunter
Cody Wilhite
Lorne Stevenson, Jr.
Shelby Darner
Kathryn Mata
Doyle Smiens
Soldiers/Chorus: Bettina Babi, Zachary Balagot, Chad Bishop, John Fackleman, Noelle Melzer, David Ponce

Band: Stan DeWitt (guitars), Derek O’Brien (drums), Ted Russell Kamp (bass), Bobby Easton (guitars), Jake Abernathie (guitars/keyboards), Emily V (violin), Jaclyn Kim (violin), Gina Caviar (viola), Oliver Walton (cello.)