Tucked away behind a small patio just south of Ocean blvd. on Pine resides one of the jewels of the Long Beach nightlife scene, The Auld Dubliner. This authentic Irish pub was imported straight from Dublin, Ireland and was designed to give the feel of the friendly cottage pubs that dot the Irish country side.

The warm glow of the yellow-orange walls is very inviting and the intimate spaces created by the layout and the people within really give it that great pub feel. At the Auld Dubliner the don dada of them all, the “Imperial Pint”, is always on deck and if you are smart it gets filled to the top with Guinness. The crowd at the Dub, as it’s referred to, is always a great mixture of Long Beach, although typical nights this place is so packed it makes it hard to do much but stand and drink… not like that is a bad thing though.
As far as staff goes, they a damn fine pint and services is fairly quick for a place so busy. Entertainment is always top notch at the Auld Dubliner. They have folk bands playing a variety of styles throughout the week, and every Sunday traditional Irish tune can be heard.

So when your in the mood to have a fine Irish pint only one place should come to mind and that is Long Beach’s Auld Dubliner, which was also named best pub in SoCal by Drinks, friends, and great music are what makes this pub a great spot to check out any night of the week.