For those of you that are old school, 6251 PCH was a local Long Beach meat market called Live Bait. After the Bait’s ultimate demise, and despite a name change, I was quite curious as to what would take the place of this long time LB favorite. February of 2005 I got my answer as two local chicks took on the task and the elegant Gaslamp Restaurant & Bar was born. Now many years later the venue is under new ownership, but has kept what made the GL great in the first place.

The Gaslamp is a cross between your local Irish pub, coffee house, and rockin’ live music venue. The colors and decor give off a warm and welcoming glow as the name would suggest. Along with superior seating, a great stage, and competitive drink prices, The Gaslamp also offers an exquisite dinner menu. As far as entertainment goes they book some great bands, although their calendar tends to be VERY redundant with Karaoke on Wednesdays, College Night with rotating local bands on Thursdays, 80’s cover band Knyght Ryder on Fridays, and Live bands on Saturdays & Sundays with some all ages shows as well.

So whether you are looking for dinner, drinks, and entertainment, or just stopping in for a pint the Gaslamp Restaurant & Bar is the eastside’s pinnacle of a perfect night on the town.