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xlsrebelsx – Sink or Swim

While the name might be a little hard to pronounce (think "Elle's Rebels") the tracks that local artist Anthony Cruz have been pumping out over the last few years are undeniably groovy yet blend in el... READ MORE

Hearts Like Lions – Stranger

Taste of Red – Whiskey in Time

Fiction Nation – The Chase

These Are Villains – Self-titled

The debut full length album from These Are Villains. The band is also offering a free copy of one of their earliest songs, Severance, which isn't available anywhere else if you download the album in a... READ MORE

Fairlady – Locals Only

Locals Only by FairLady Locals Only is the tragic tale of Cunnilingus Jack’s untimely demise. In the story, Cunnilingus Jack falls madly in love with the local prostitute. He is quick to notice that s... READ MORE

Damned Age – Toxie

Future Loves Past – Our Solar System EP

Our Solar System EP by Future Loves Past


Zinomé is a rock band from Long Beach California with the following four members: Fernando Rivera (singer), Helmut De La Cruz (drummer), Freddy Martinez (guitarist), and Nic Torres (guitarist). The mu... READ MORE

Paper Houses

Paper Houses is a rock 'n roll band from Long Beach, California. Born in the small homes of suburbia, their explosive fury is inspired and fueled by the nine to five lifestyle, the state of living by... READ MORE

Rockford – In The Field

Suburban Serfs – Young and Dumb

Suburban Serfs Double Single by Suburban Serfs

Mr. Moonshine – Zelda

Zelda by Mr. Moonshine

Suburban Serfs

Suburban Serfs consists of four alumni of the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music doing what they love most, playing and playing loudly. Well versed in classical, jazz and latin music, they formed an alter... READ MORE

Korey Dane – You’ll Be Had (Nashville Demo)

An amazing demo recording from Long Beach based Korey Dane of "You'll Be Had".

The Fling – Paranoia