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Rudy De Anda releases solo EP Ostranenie

 Rudy De Anda recently released an eclectic blend of genres and charming songs with his debut solo EP Ostranenie on Porch Party Records.In addition to being the frontman of the Long Beach band Wild Pa... READ MORE

Local Show Pick Of The Week: Ikey Owens Tribute Show

Come celebrate the life of R Isaiah Owens on November 1st at Alex's Bar with a day full of music from local musicians he has shared so many memories with. We love you Ikey. With Special Performances -... READ MORE

Crystal Antlers – Persephone

Crystal Antlers – We All Gotta Die (Scientist Remix)

Top 10 Local Albums of 2013

As we enter a new year potentially full of great new local music we decided to take a look back at the local releases of 2013 as it was a great year for Long Beach bands & musicians! Here are our... READ MORE

Crystal Antlers – We All Gotta Die

Crystal Antlers – Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake is the first single of Long Beach based Crystal Antlers new upcoming album entitled Nothing Is Real that is due out October 14th on Innovative Leisure. The song features dynamic highs... READ MORE

Crystal Antlers – Better Things @ Fourth Street Vine 07.13.13

Crystal Antlers rocked a sweaty, packed house at the tiny Fourth Street Vine in Long Beach, CA

Crystal Antlers – Rattlesnake


Local Show Pick Of The Week: Crystal Antlers – All Human – Gorgeous – White Murder

4th Street Vine is pleased to present the work of Emily Maddigan, on exhibit from June 12 through September 14th, 2013, with a special Artist’s Reception on Saturday, July 13th, 7-11pm. The evening wi... READ MORE


A Compilation For A Complicated Problem Helps Compound Studios Stay Open

Takes a lot of work to run a recording studio, and no we don't mean your m-box and laptop. The Compound Studio has recorded some of the best Long Beach has to offer, but like all of us are in some deb... READ MORE

Crystal Antlers

The band started as a 3 piece, Kevin Stuart (Drums), Errol Davis (Guitar) and Jonny Bell (Bass/Vocals) in late 2006 in Long Beach, California. Stuart, Davis, and Bell met while attending a music class... READ MORE


Long Beach Live Music Update – Events The Weekend Of 12.09.10

Did you plan a holiday event this year? Is it this weekend? It would be no surprise if we missed a few as this weekend was everyone's choice for holiday parties. There are GREAT events going on at jus... READ MORE


Long Beach Live Music Update For This Weekend

Wow! this summer was full of live music in Long Beach, and LBPP was there to capture the awesomeness to bring to you. The Summer and Music series came to a close this past weekend, we have 4 new video... READ MORE


Summer And All It’s Free Music Comes To A Close

It's been a great summer for live music and LBPP has had the chance to check out some of the best Long Beach and SoCal had to offer. From a reunited Sublime to Flugtag flying machines, it's been a wil... READ MORE


Summer And Music Series Comes To A Close With BuskerFest

You look outside and think that Summer is just getting started, but BuskerFest officially marks the end of the Summer And Music concert series in Long Beach. As a whole the SAM series got off to a lit... READ MORE