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Dumb Love @ Buskerfest 08.17.13

Long Beach band Dumb Love stripped it down for a special set at the 2013 Long Beach Buskerfest which is the close out to the award winning Summer And Music concert series.

Buskerfest Brings Local Musicians To The Streets For All To Enjoy

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5th Annual Long Beach Buskerfest Full Line-up

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Wilmore 9 Film | Music | Art Festival Takes Over Downtown Long Beach

This summer, Long Beach will celebrate its first annual Wilmore 9 Festival, a two day event celebrating music, film and art. The festival will be taking place in sunshine soaked Downtown Long Beach, C... READ MORE

Dumb Love

Dumb Love is is just one of the many projects that Long Beach based guitarist and singer Mark Lira is involved in, but it is by far the best of the best. The group has a indie rock feel to them with a... READ MORE


A Compilation For A Complicated Problem Helps Compound Studios Stay Open

Takes a lot of work to run a recording studio, and no we don't mean your m-box and laptop. The Compound Studio has recorded some of the best Long Beach has to offer, but like all of us are in some deb... READ MORE