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Local Muisc Showcase At The Grand Prix Of Long Beach

Whether you are a race fan or not, if you live in Long Beach then you know Grand Prix time is inevitably party time for thousands and while most eyes are on the track the live music series after the r... READ MORE

Eddie Booze

Eddie Booze has been writing, singing, & playing for & with a few of so-cals bands throughout the last 10 years. He has the unique ability to span or even blend genres using an array of forums... READ MORE

4th Annual Secret Santa’s Toy Drive @ Di Piazza’s 12.13.12

Long Beach Independent held our 4th annual "Secret Santa's Toy Drive" at Di Piazza's in Long Beach last year on December 13th. Every year we hold a toy drive featuring great music and with the help of... READ MORE

Eddie Booze – Crashing Down


4th Annual Secret Santa’s Toy Drive @ Di Piazza’s

The Holidaze are upon us! It's the time of year when all the family you have been avoiding the entire year comes to town, where anything chocolate/peppermint will be mixed in with your booze, and a sl... READ MORE

4th Annual FADED 420 BBQ & Show Recap of LBPP's 4th annual FADED 420 BBQ & Show held at the Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach, CA. Featuring bands: Eddie Booze, D-Strutters, Saw Red Sublime Tribute band, Ja... READ MORE

Eddie Booze – Little Dog Eddie Booze opens up the 4th annual FADED 420 BBQ & Show with an original track at the Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach, Ca on April 20th, 2012


4th Annual FADED 420 BBQ & Show Returns To The Rhythm Lounge

For some, the label "420" sets off an alarm... a smoke alarm, but for many in Long Beach it holds a special meaning. Every April 20th the event production crew from LBPP Booking host a 420 music festi... READ MORE


Doug Means… Taking Long Beach Reggae Nationwide!

Doug Means has been a staple in the Long Beach music scene since high school when he was in Worlds Largest Parking Lot. Not long after that; Moving into his own and stepping up to claim his rightful s... READ MORE


Getting Paid to Play In Southern California.

It ain't easy! Yeah, the idea is nice… But, there are a few obstacles, obvious and otherwise. Also, there are ways to get around and over those obstacles. The following is a personal insight into some... READ MORE


In Depth with Mr. Mark DiPiazza

Hello, Long Beach, Hello World. I was going to write about the LB music scene in general to start this column off but after writing and deleting, writing and deleting and finally realizing the subject... READ MORE