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Dedpan Square

Since a young age, Dedpan Square has been creating “art” from whatever materials he could get his hands on. Being raised in a small isolated community, he was disconnected from much of the evolving wo... READ MORE

Vicious Kinids

What is a Kinid? This is a common question often asked by countless fans and audience members alike when first tapping their feet with cocktail in hand to the Rockin’ Reggae and Americana based beats... READ MORE

Bootleg Orchestra

The debut self-titled EP by Bootleg Orchestra features the soulful beats of multi-instrumentalist and female producer Menchie Caliboso, embellishments by the Arca-inspired producer Chris Walker, and t... READ MORE


T’mon  is a multifaceted artist dabbles in both beat production and rapping. Born and raised in Long Beach, CA, there is nothing like home with the ocean breeze and unique diversity despite the highs... READ MORE


NiceGuyxVinny of Soulection is a local Long Beach native and you have probably seen him with Melziah Dia, his long time bud and emcee. Born & raised in Long Beach, he thoroughly loves the history... READ MORE


"That Bumps!!" presented by Tall Robot & Long Beach Independent is featuring four local beat producers in Long Beach. In promotion and celebration of the Kickstarter for the series. We will dive i... READ MORE

Hannah Moroz

Hannah Moroz is a singer-songwriter based in Long Beach, CA, best-known for her involvement on YouTube. She released her first EP in 2013 and is currently working on two more albums, so expect more vi... READ MORE

Tall Walls

Tall Walls' sun-drenched power pop is perhaps what Buddy Holly would have sounded like if he listened to The Ramones and became increasingly socioeconomically- and environmentally-aware.Fusing a love... READ MORE

Tallulah Kidd

Tallulah Kidd is an experimental electric violinist, serenading your senses with her soulful, hypnotic sound and intuitive improvisational style. Known for her drama and passion, you will be seduced b... READ MORE


Bearwulf is a Long Beach based power trio that has a reputation for vigorous live performance and intensity. The rhythmic foundation of the band, drummer Kevin Kablau, is a power house of hard hitting... READ MORE


Together, Maria (drums) and Kit (guitar) are bWreck, a Long Beach space rock band, formed in early 2007. Both have been active in their hometown music scene for years. bWreck straddles the DIY and mai... READ MORE

Lovely Outlaws

Relatively new to the local music scene the gals of Lovely Outlaws are already off to a good start. An all-girl trio that plays pop/country music with a mix of familiar covers, traditional bluegrass a... READ MORE

The Moderates

Formed in August, 2009 in Long Beach, CA, The Moderates are comprised of Josh Taylor (age 19), Wes Mathison (age 19) and Garret Huff (age 20). From slow melodic hypnotic vibes similar to the likes of... READ MORE

Gregg Young & The Second Street Band

Originally from San Francisco, local artist Gregg Young has had an extensive musical career beginning in his teens when he landed a major label-recording contract with his first funk-fusion band, Womb... READ MORE

Eddie Booze

Eddie Booze has been writing, singing, & playing for & with a few of so-cals bands throughout the last 10 years. He has the unique ability to span or even blend genres using an array of forums... READ MORE


“Two guys sitting around the living room, kicking around songs.” That could be a stage direction for an image-conscious music video, but in truth it’s a factual description of the genesis of Haymaker’... READ MORE