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Interview With RBX

"Deep, deep like the mind of Minolta, now picture this...", the words echo over and over like a haunting voice from a dream and stick around in your head until they are permanently engrained. Long Bea... READ MORE

Long Beach Musician Ikey Owens Dead At 38

It is with a sad heart that we spread the news of the untimely death of a great local musician. Isaiah "Ikey" Owens was found dead today in his hotel room while on tour with Jack White in Mexico. Our... READ MORE


The Long Beach quartet Fathers & Suns recently announced the release date of the follow up to their acclaimed 2012 debut album "Mama Provides." Their new album titled "&" (pronounced "Ampersan... READ MORE

Better Heroes at Millikan’s Visions Night

I don't actually attend Millikan High School, but an old friend told me about Visions Night and I couldn't resist. Millikan's Visions Night is basically an art gallery/concert/poetry reading/body pain... READ MORE

Interview With Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is an internationally celebrated band with strong Long Beach roots. With an eclectic sound that is comprised of Cambodian surf-garage, American psychedelic, and exotic female vocals, the... READ MORE


Interview With Masks We Made

We recently had the great pleasure of interviewing the Long Beach band Masks We Made. The duo features the vocals and lyrics of Andrea Sepulveda and the guitar and bass of Nando. The DIY band released... READ MORE


Interview With Fathers & Suns

The Long Beach based band Fathers & Suns is on a roll. After releasing their critically acclaimed debut album "Mama Provides" they went on to win last year's Buskerfest with an unforgettable live... READ MORE


28 Days Of Busking With Josh Fischel

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the legality of busking on the streets of Long Beach. Several local Facebook groups have discussed it and there is even a "Long Beach Street Performers" gro... READ MORE


Interview with Kirk Dominguez of LA Record Truck

The LA Record Truck (now based in Long Beach) can be seen driving all around town and setting up shop at local events much like a food truck but full of musical goodness! LBI contributor Kevin McGover... READ MORE


Echo Sparks Talk About Their Monthly Residence At The Pike Bar & More

Echo Sparks Live at the Pike Bar in Long Beach Echo Sparks create extraordinary music by mixing folk, country and rockabilly into something truly original. Their eclectic sound is hard to categorize.... READ MORE


Interview: Long Gone John of Sympathy For The Record Industry

My first exposure to Sympathy for the Record Industry was in 1989 when I began reading zines like Flipside and Maximum Rock n Roll.  Right away, I would notice the SFTRI ads and thought “that’s a stra... READ MORE

Intervew With Thinking Aloud

Long time local band Thinking Aloud called it quits over 5 years ago, and now they are playing their first show since breaking up and members Mark Lira, Brett Meyer, Brian Parker,  & Andrew Parker... READ MORE


Interview With Local Punk Rock Legends Wrong Beach

Infamous Long Beach Punkers Wrong Beach and their front man A.J. discuss their new album and all things Long Beach past & present. Kevin: Hello A.J., so give us the break down on "Wrong Beach". Th... READ MORE


Sounds of Noise Release New Album “Ambulance”

One of the best things about the Long Beach music scene is the diversity of music that flows from the city. Individual musicians and artists co-mingle and intertwine like blood veins of a creativity-p... READ MORE


So Many Wizards Interview With Nima Kazerouni

I got a chance to catch up with Nima Kazerouni from the band So Many Wizards who just released a brand new album called "Warm Nothing" which has been receiving a lot of acclaim. I talk with Nima about... READ MORE

Follow Me Along The Sea: Interview With Alyssandra

We followed her all the way along the west coast and now as she returns home triumphant she took a few minutes to talk with us about her trip. The dangers, the adventures, the fun all here in this vid... READ MORE