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Miss Lee Ding @ The Blue Cafe 01.25.12 Female rapper/singer Miss Lee Ding preforming her title track at a recent show in Long Beach at the Blue Cafe.

Feral Kizzy – Jump the Bridge LIVE! @ Commonwealth Lounge 01.15.12

Long Beach based band Feral Kizzy play a new song called "Jump the Bridge" at a recent show at the Commonwealth Lounge in Fullerton, Ca.

Feral Kizzy – “Ego Fever” @ The Prospector 09.13.11 Local Long Beach band Feral Kizzy play a new track called "Ego Fever" at The Prospector in the LBC.

Crystal Antlers @ The Prospector 09.13.11 Long Beach based band Crystal Antlers play a brand new track with Ikey Owens on keys at the Prospector.

The Gospels @ The Prospector 09.13.11

The Gospels rock out an original tune at the Prospector in Long Beach, Ca. They have a great indie sound with tons of energy exuding from their performance!

Buskerfest 2011

Buskerfest is part of the Summer And Music series held in Downtown Long Beach each year and marks the close to the summer concert series. This year featured: Matt Vasquez, Everest, Pawnshop Kings (Not... READ MORE

Street Performers @ Buskerfest 08.27.11 Check out awesome street performances by Lucky John and Mr Morgue doing sword swallowing, hammer and nail in the nose, and hook through the nose!

Everest @ Buskerfest 08.27.11 Everest was the headlining band for the 2011 Buskerfest. Check out a great tune by the up and coming group!

Matt Vazquez of Delta Spirit @ Buskerfest 08.27.11 Matt Vasquez belts out another great tune on the main stage of Buskerfest 2011.

Matt Vasquez @ Buskerfest 08.27.11

Matt Vasquez of local band Delta Spirit plays a soulful tune to open up for Buskerfest 2011 headliners Everest.

Wild Pack of Canaries @ Buskerfest 08.27.11

Wild Pack of Canaries win the Buskerfest wooden nickel competition, beating out 15 other bands as the winning buskers. They won a 500 album pressing on vinyl and thrilled a huge local crowd while doin... READ MORE

Eggplant @ Buskerfest 08.27.11

Local band Eggplant play for your wooden nickels at the 2011 Buskerfest in Downtown Long Beach.

Jay Buchanan @ Buskerfest 08.27.11

Jay Buchanan's voice can be heard from miles around as he opens the 2011 Buskerfest in Downtown Long Beach

Pawn Shop Kings @ Buskerfest 08.27.11

Pawn Shop Kings open the 2011 Buskerfest with great acoustic tunes.

Two Guns @ Buskerfest 08.27.11

Two Guns take to the streets of Buskerfest to win your wooden nickels in the close to the Summer And Music concert series.

Suedehead @ Buskerfest 08.27.11

2 of the member of the OC based band Suedehead strip down their songs for an semi-acoustic set at the 2011 Buskerfest