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The Long Beach quartet Fathers & Suns recently announced the release date of the follow up to their acclaimed 2012 debut album "Mama Provides." Their new album titled "&" (pronounced "Ampersan... READ MORE

Dancin’ In The Streets In Review

Long Beach's Summer and Music concert series got off to a sensational start tonight with the Third Annual Dancin' in the Streets event. The free SAM kick off show moved to a new larger location on the... READ MORE


Interview With Masks We Made

We recently had the great pleasure of interviewing the Long Beach band Masks We Made. The duo features the vocals and lyrics of Andrea Sepulveda and the guitar and bass of Nando. The DIY band released... READ MORE


James Intveld At Alex’s Bar – Concert Review

To call James Intveld a multi-talented artist would be an understatement. Not only is he an incredible singer, songwriter and musician, he also dabbles in acting and film making when he’s not busy mak... READ MORE


Interview With Fathers & Suns

The Long Beach based band Fathers & Suns is on a roll. After releasing their critically acclaimed debut album "Mama Provides" they went on to win last year's Buskerfest with an unforgettable live... READ MORE


Echo Sparks Talk About Their Monthly Residence At The Pike Bar & More

Echo Sparks Live at the Pike Bar in Long Beach Echo Sparks create extraordinary music by mixing folk, country and rockabilly into something truly original. Their eclectic sound is hard to categorize.... READ MORE

[VIDEO] Rival Sons Rock In The New Year In Downtown Long Beach

Rival Sons closed-out 2013 with a bang and ushered in the New Year among all of their hometown fans. This night was especially meaningful for us, in particular, as the night began and was sponsored by... READ MORE

Rose Windows – Fingerprints In-store Review

We sure wish all of our Monday nights were like tonight. We were fortunate enough to catch an amazing performance by the Seattle band Rose Windows when they stopped by Fingerprints Records in downtown... READ MORE

Rebirth of Rock on Kbeach Radio Supports Local Music Wednesday Nights at 7pm

Long Beach Independent contributor Jody Timmerman has always been frustrated with the lack of airplay that local bands receive from LA radio. Looking to fill the void he took matters into in own hands... READ MORE

Buskerfest Brings Local Musicians To The Streets For All To Enjoy

What we love the most about Long Beach is that there never seems to be a shortage of incredibly talented local musicians. Long Beach has always been a mecca for artists that like to blend many genres... READ MORE