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Chris Paul Overall Releases New EP

As far back as I can remember I have seen Chris Paul Overall rocking the Long Beach music scene in one band or another. From his previous bands like OC based Wonderlove to collaborations with fellow L... READ MORE


Some Days It’s Merry Christmas

Black Boot Productions is at it again with another great show at the Prospector. The Thursday showcases they have been putting on are second to none, and for only $5 at one of Long Beach's most belove... READ MORE


Evolver Mixtape Features Long Beach Artists

Recently our friends over at Evolver Long Beach put together this digital mixtape featuring mostly Long Beach artists including one of our favorite bands, Paper City. The mix is pretty good and starts... READ MORE


Alkaline Trio To Play Alex’s Bar In Long Beach November 13th

For all those non-indie hipsters out there Alex's bar is one of infamy around Long Beach. All the cool kids hang out there, its been seen in movies like Tenacious D & The Pick of Destiny and TV sh... READ MORE


ALBUM REVIEW: LMNO–“Tripping On This Journey”

Long Beach has a pretty diverse Music Scene, from the followers of Sublime's "Dope and Partying" Reggae/Ska/Hip Hop melange, Rockabilly, Roots Reggae, Indie Rock, and the Street Stories of Snoop Dogg... READ MORE


LB Band Q and A: Good Citizen

Band; for a long time the band was just Dina Predisik and Gene Whitright, a loud acoustic duo, and was known simply as Poverty Level, after the label they both own - est: 1988. There was some confusio... READ MORE


Tribute Show For Local Musician Pete Sirimarco At Di Piazza’s Sunday

Wanted to let the local music scene know about this tribute show for friend and local musician Pete Sirimarco aka "Petey Pobs". The show is going down THIS Sunday, August 8th at Di Piazza's off of PCH... READ MORE


Make Way For The Next Best Fling

As I walk up to the show already in progress I'm a little bit mad I didn't get to Release Me sooner! The Fling were in full swing, the amphitheater was packed with a diverse crowd full of scene kids,... READ MORE


New Blue Cafe On Pine Avenue To Open This Weekend

For those of us in Long Beach who have live music flowing through our veins the closing of the Blue Cafe almost a year ago was a strong setback in the local music scene. While they have strayed from t... READ MORE


Sublime with Rome SoCal Debut at KROQ Weenie Roast 2010

Rome singing with Sublime close upOnce again LBPP returns to KROQ's annual Weenie Roast and the line up for 2010 was one we just couldn't miss! Although I have been to many Weenie Roast's over the yea... READ MORE


Join us for the “Happiest of Hours” with The District Magazine

Ahhh, a long day at work... which sucks, but one of my favorite things to do AFTER work is to meet up with some friends and have a few Happy Hour drinks! Turns out the people over at The District Maga... READ MORE

A SublimeTribute Album to get FADED to

Being Long Beach born and raised I have had the opportunity to be exposed to tons of great music over the years. From underground hip hop, punk and reggae, to the likes of Snoop Dogg, The Vandals, and... READ MORE