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Suns of Jimi & Their Music Fireworks – Alex’s Bar, June 13th – Show/Band Review

While Long Beach was thriving with the masses in town for Ink-N-Iron, so was the music scene and Alex’s Bar did not disappoint. Hometown favorites, Suns of Jimi, took the stage a little after 11pm to... READ MORE

Local Show Pick of the Week: Beach Streets

The first annual Beach Streets is taking over uptown Long Beach this Saturday, June 6, on Atlantic Avenue from Wardlow to Houghton Park. 7 miles of Atlantic Avenue will be closed to cars and open to s... READ MORE

Local Show Pick of the Week: Bike Fest featuring Tall Walls and Dustin Lovelis

Bike Fest once again will take over the East Village in downtown Long Beach this Saturday, May 30. Cycling fans can catch a crit race in partnership with Wolfpack Hustle, a City Cross obstacle course,... READ MORE

Local Show Pick of the Week: Alex’s Bar 15th Anniversary featuring Rocket from the Crypt and special guests

Our beloved Alex’s Bar is celebrating 15 great years in Long Beach with a weekend long bash headlined by punk inspired rock band, Rocket from the Crypt. The festivities will take place Friday and Satu... READ MORE

Local Show Pick of the Week: Night Dive featuring Bobby Blunders and The Moan

Head down to The Aquarium of the Pacific this Friday, November 21st, and explore all the curiosities of the sea at Night Dive. Spend an evening filled with art and music as the lights go down and the... READ MORE


Don’t You Dare Ask The Rocking Trio of Ask Alice To Play With Dolls


The Prostitutes – The Final Cuts, Unreleased LP

Sounds Good – Why Your Equipment Doesn’t Matter (Much)

Students, colleagues, and fans alike often ask me what kind of sax I play. Admittedly, my horns are pretty fancy. However, that's not what gives me a good sound (see my last article) or an ability to... READ MORE

A Weekend At The Feelies No. 9 – Mazetreader

Mazetreader by llll-llll-llll

A Weekend At The Feelies No. 9 – Mazetreader

Hey mailing list, hope you like this next song. It's 'inspired by true events' and also House of Leaves, which is a great book that I'm hoping to finish this week. I don't have any H's on my mailing l... READ MORE

A Weekend At The Feelies No. 6 – Future Songs

Earth ballad or whatever... I was in between calling this song Pavement or Future Songs but I chose the latter. My good friend Steve Arce mixed and mastered this one and the cover photo was taken from... READ MORE


A Weekend At The Feelies No. 5 – Dressed To The Nines

Alright, you've got thirty minutes 'til the end of the world. What do you do?   Dressed To The Nines by llll-llll-llll Enjoy the weekend feelies, -Jordan P.S. comments, concerns, complaints etc. are a... READ MORE

A Weekend At The Feelies #4 – Real Thieves

We're all born into society which means we're all born without the choice of making the sacrifices of individuality that come with establishing it. It's frustrating to me that the people who run most... READ MORE


4th Annual FADED 420 BBQ & Show Returns To The Rhythm Lounge

For some, the label "420" sets off an alarm... a smoke alarm, but for many in Long Beach it holds a special meaning. Every April 20th the event production crew from LBPP Booking host a 420 music festi... READ MORE

Brenda Carsey @ Speakeasy Art Gallery 01.21.12 Long Beach singer/songwriter Brenda Carsey plays a song on guitar at a recent show at the Speakeasy Art Gallery in Long Beach, Ca


Di Piazza’s

Di Piazza's is a Long Beach staple that has been serving up great food with even better music for over 20 years. First starting off as the Lava Lounge inside of the infamous Java Lanes the current loc... READ MORE