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Digital Streets – Watch You Burn

Tall Walls

Tall Walls' sun-drenched power pop is perhaps what Buddy Holly would have sounded like if he listened to The Ramones and became increasingly socioeconomically- and environmentally-aware.Fusing a love... READ MORE

Dustin Lovelis – Dimensions

Long Beach musician Dustin Lovelis (formerly of The Fling) releases his long awaited solo album today. Some great 60's dreamy/pop songs that keep that same rockin' feel as The Fling, but experiment a... READ MORE

Dustin Lovelis – Idiot

Since the breakup of one of our favorite local bands The Fling, Dustin Lovelis has continued to write daze-infused 60's pop tunes and will release his debut solo effort, Dimensions, in May.

Bootleg Orchestra – Phenomenon feat. ActionFigure

Mr. Moonshine – Comfort Me With Absinthe

"Comfort Me with Absinthe" by Mr. Moonshine. Directed by Michelle Prebich and animated by Justine Prebich.

The Junglecats – Do the Whatevah

The Junglecats "Do The Whatevah" from Watch Your Head Pictures on Vimeo.

Future Loves Past – Hold On Tight EP

Future Loves Past

Soul-pop band Future Loves Past have been busy in the last couple of years. They released their debut album All The Luscious Plants last year, and followed it up with the Our Solar System EP released... READ MORE


Lovely Outlaws

Relatively new to the local music scene the gals of Lovely Outlaws are already off to a good start. An all-girl trio that plays pop/country music with a mix of familiar covers, traditional bluegrass a... READ MORE

Fathers & Suns – “&” Video Preview

Repeater – Lonely

Long Beach art rockers Repeater will be releasing their self-titled studio album on iTunes November 18, 2014, on the imprint A Diamond Heart Production. The product of renewal and perseverance after a... READ MORE

Fathers & Suns – The Beat


“Two guys sitting around the living room, kicking around songs.” That could be a stage direction for an image-conscious music video, but in truth it’s a factual description of the genesis of Haymaker’... READ MORE

Better Heroes at Millikan’s Visions Night

I don't actually attend Millikan High School, but an old friend told me about Visions Night and I couldn't resist. Millikan's Visions Night is basically an art gallery/concert/poetry reading/body pain... READ MORE