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India House – Anxiety (Demo)

The Moderates – Colour


Although Rebecca Coleman might only have recently inched past the traditional ‘coming of age' milestone and turned twenty-one, she is far from a newcomer when it comes to the LA-area music scene.  Whi... READ MORE

The Fling – Perfections

Official Music video for The Fling's "Perfections" off the new album Mean Something. I feel like I have seen this video before... but it is so well synced that I find Axel starts to look a LOT like Du... READ MORE


MOVE is a collective, collaborative musical ensemble showcasing local talent in such a way as to maximally capitalize on the magic of spontaneity. True live music. Jon Zell had a simple, if potentiall... READ MORE


Bobby Blunders: The Story of Best Neighborhood Band (Installment IX)

The short story of "Best Neighborhood Band" (in ten easy installments) Installment IX Copacetic There’s no way around it.  Copacetic has many facets, many of which are seemingly incongruent.  There is... READ MORE

This Wild Life – Roots and Branches

This new acoustic gem from Long Beach based This Wild Life reached over 70,000 views on Youtube in just over a week after being released. Enjoy "Roots & Branches".

So Many Wizards – Daydream

The Dovelles @ Bicycle Drive-in 08.10.13


Tijuana Panthers – Semi Sweet

A heat wave comes crashing into Long Beach. The over-priced studio apartment you’re in has zero ventilation and the local hardware store is out of fans. That cute girl, who said she would call today,... READ MORE

KITTYGATO – I Don’t Know (What To Do With You)


The Fling To Release New Album “Mean Something” At Fingerprints In-Store

The Fling have been playing around Long Beach for a number of years, having formed in 2007 and have quickly become one of the best musical offerings coming out of this city. They blend 60's pop sounds... READ MORE

The Fling – Paranoia

The Fling – Nightshade

Jason Williams – Summer’s Children

Kevin Wood

Originally from Cody, Wyoming, Kevin Wood moved to Long Beach after traveling around the US as well as Canada with the national tour of the Broadway smash hit RENT.  Since living here in SoCal, Kevin... READ MORE