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Punk Rock Is Still Alive In Long Beach, Even If The Puka Bar Isn’t

The night was wet and dark as I entered the tiki themed Puka Bar to find a sparse crowd huddled around the bar drinking beers. There was a time when this place was rockin' I thought to myself as I set... READ MORE


Punk Rock SiDeShOw Returns to Long Beach

When LBPP first started to book bands in Long Beach we had no idea what we were doing... It all started off with this local tour of a motley crew of bands and even though there were disasters left and... READ MORE


Live Music In Long Beach, Here Is Whats Happening This Weekend

Once again brings you the most comprehensive listing of live music shows in Long Beach. There is lots to do this weekend besides music oriented stuff as well, make sure to check out Limelight... READ MORE


Funky Jazz Wednesdays In The LBC

Long Beach is gettin' blessed tonight with 3 Jazz Performances, at 2 happenin' spots! From 6:30 to 8:30PM, The Dave Williams Group, the local Trumpeter and MBT Musical Director's new unit, featuring J... READ MORE


Rock N’ Roll Residency 90806 with R. Scott and The Carnevel Kings

Keyboardist/Vocalist R. Scott and the Carnevel Kings will be holding down a residency at the Puka Bar , in West Long Beach-- every 4th Wednesday of the month. Scott plans to feature other local bands... READ MORE


LB Band Q and A: Good Citizen

Band; for a long time the band was just Dina Predisik and Gene Whitright, a loud acoustic duo, and was known simply as Poverty Level, after the label they both own - est: 1988. There was some confusio... READ MORE


MBT, or MajicBulletTheory is a Jazzy, Funky outfit, based out of Long Beach, Ca. Normally 7 pieces, MBT, created in 2003, blows crowds out the frame with a big sound, from a small(ish) unit. Led by Tr... READ MORE


LBPP set for March Breast Cancer Benefit shows – Pick your flavor!

2008 was a hard damn year for every here at LBPP. People moved away, new people were incorporated, some lost jobs, others got new ones... bands came and went, as well as a few venues. The good news is... READ MORE