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Local Show Pick of the Week: Yonatan Gat @ Alex’s Bar

If you didn't make it to SXSW you're in luck because a little slice of the magic is coming to Alex's Bar this Thursday and that magic is Yonatan Gat. The former Monotonix guitarist's new project was n... READ MORE

Freeman’s Dead – In Limbo

Freeman's Dead is a collection of musicians featuring Good Cat (guitar), and Mojo (drums); based out of Long Beach. In Limbo is the story of intervals. Those stuck In the thick of the middle and yearn... READ MORE

Better Heroes at Millikan’s Visions Night

I don't actually attend Millikan High School, but an old friend told me about Visions Night and I couldn't resist. Millikan's Visions Night is basically an art gallery/concert/poetry reading/body pain... READ MORE

Tijuana Panthers – Four Horsemen

Brand new video from Long Beach surf-punkers Tijuana Panthers from their new album "Wayne Interest" out now on Innovative Leisure.

PMA – Foreign Land

Fairlady – Locals Only

Locals Only by FairLady Locals Only is the tragic tale of Cunnilingus Jack’s untimely demise. In the story, Cunnilingus Jack falls madly in love with the local prostitute. He is quick to notice that s... READ MORE

White Murder – Party Crashing

Surf Riot – You Are An Aperture


EXCLUSIVE: Spare Parts For Broken Hearts Delivers Ear Candy Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Sarah Green & Laurita Guaico love Long Beach, have "the music your lover should buy you for Valentine's Day" and are looking forward to going all out with their own version of "girl band" on stage... READ MORE

BlackLight District Lounge

Blacklight District Lounge used to be known to many as Max Steiners, but recently came under new ownership. Not much has changed except they host punk, rock, metal, etc on a nightly basis.

India House – Party Wave EP

The Prostitutes – The Final Cuts, Unreleased LP

White Murder

The term supergroup is always met with suspicious eyes, but the line-up of White Murder is a legitimate SoCal punk/rock collection of heads – Hannah Blumenfeld (of L.A. mutant croon leaders Jail Weddi... READ MORE


Interview With Local Punk Rock Legends Wrong Beach

Infamous Long Beach Punkers Wrong Beach and their front man A.J. discuss their new album and all things Long Beach past & present. Kevin: Hello A.J., so give us the break down on "Wrong Beach". Th... READ MORE


Tijuana Panthers – Semi Sweet

A heat wave comes crashing into Long Beach. The over-priced studio apartment you’re in has zero ventilation and the local hardware store is out of fans. That cute girl, who said she would call today,... READ MORE

Redeye Redemption @ Wilmore 9 Festival 08.04.13