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xlsrebelsx – Sink or Swim

While the name might be a little hard to pronounce (think "Elle's Rebels") the tracks that local artist Anthony Cruz have been pumping out over the last few years are undeniably groovy yet blend in el... READ MORE


T’mon  is a multifaceted artist dabbles in both beat production and rapping. Born and raised in Long Beach, CA, there is nothing like home with the ocean breeze and unique diversity despite the highs... READ MORE

Interview With RBX

"Deep, deep like the mind of Minolta, now picture this...", the words echo over and over like a haunting voice from a dream and stick around in your head until they are permanently engrained. Long Bea... READ MORE

Jay Spades – In Your Head

Jvst Maurice – The Warm Up

MASH – Rollin’

Vince Staples – Fire

YNGNFRSH – I’m Thirsty

This by far one of the craziest local music videos we have seen in a while! YNGNFRSH knows how to bring the party!

Vince Staples – Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2

Sharp Skills – Business Is Good

Roc Holiday – The Road Less Traveled

It's not often that a popular local rapper decides to completely change his identity and push out an album that not only surpasses his original work in many ways, but shows a completely different side... READ MORE


Local Show Pick Of The Week: Petey P Tribute Show w/ Prominent Sons – Josh Fischel & More

It has been over 4 years since the tragic death of Peter Sirimarco aka Petey P of the local band Prominent Sons. He was well known in the local music scene and was also a friend. Every year all of his... READ MORE

Jetpack Jones

"Jetpack = Individuality. Flying on your own. Doing what YOU think is cool, not what society labels as cool. Jetpack = Positivity. Bringing good vibes to others as well as yourself. Jetpack Movement i... READ MORE

LMNO – Dyslexic prod. by Evidence

Releasing 14 albums over the past 3 years, there is no slowing down for prolific emcee LMNO of the Visionaries. Reconnecting with Evidence of Dilated Peoples, LMNO's latest masterpiece "After the Fact... READ MORE

Jetpack Jones – Inner Peace (Prod. By Ruff Draft)


Ashley-Dominique, the name given to a solider born in the 80's of Inglewood CA. Started her career in 2003 Freestyling poetry, and full songs. Raised on Motown, KDAY, and Music Videos. A true performe... READ MORE