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Suns of Jimi & Their Music Fireworks – Alex’s Bar, June 13th – Show/Band Review

While Long Beach was thriving with the masses in town for Ink-N-Iron, so was the music scene and Alex’s Bar did not disappoint. Hometown favorites, Suns of Jimi, took the stage a little after 11pm to... READ MORE

Marker – Marriage

Of Limbo – Throw Me A Bone

Boogie Mamas – The Album

Save the Pickle for later BABE! The real kings of TUFF, BOOGIE MAMAS come from deep within your loins and tickle that space between your booty and your boner.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Josh Fischel & The Fiction – Quixotic

If you love local music and you don't know Josh Fischel, it's time you got schooled a bit! He has been pumping out amazing music through multiple projects spanning across decades here in Long Beach wi... READ MORE

Freeman’s Dead – In Limbo

Freeman's Dead is a collection of musicians featuring Good Cat (guitar), and Mojo (drums); based out of Long Beach. In Limbo is the story of intervals. Those stuck In the thick of the middle and yearn... READ MORE

Third Thursday’s Continue With The Moderates

Long Beach Independent in association with the Renaissance Hotel Long Beach are happy to present our second installment of the "Third Thursdays: Premier Local Music Night". On the Third Thursday of ea... READ MORE

Local Show Pick of the Week: Nectarine, Litronix, Twanner and DJ Cuckold @ 4th Street Vine

4th Street Vine once again hosts another stellar line up that is, of course, always FREE! Saturday's musical guests are Nectarine (members of So Many Wizards), L I T R O N I X (formerly N.O.W. and 60... READ MORE


Bearwulf is a Long Beach based power trio that has a reputation for vigorous live performance and intensity. The rhythmic foundation of the band, drummer Kevin Kablau, is a power house of hard hitting... READ MORE

Mr. Moonshine – Comfort Me With Absinthe

"Comfort Me with Absinthe" by Mr. Moonshine. Directed by Michelle Prebich and animated by Justine Prebich.


Together, Maria (drums) and Kit (guitar) are bWreck, a Long Beach space rock band, formed in early 2007. Both have been active in their hometown music scene for years. bWreck straddles the DIY and mai... READ MORE

The Junglecats – Do the Whatevah

The Junglecats "Do The Whatevah" from Watch Your Head Pictures on Vimeo.

Boggie Mamas – ZsaZsa

Better Heroes – City Lights

The Vespertines – Arete

While we were busy helping to produce the Folk Revival Festival this past September, Long Beach based rockers The Vespertines managed to release this groovy rock album without us noticing!

Taste of Red – Whiskey in Time