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FIRST, LAST, & ALWAYS is a weekly series that aims to give readers a quick introduction to some of the talented and hardworking musicians defining the Long Beach music scene.Meet drummer, engineer... READ MORE

Metalachi – Santeria @ Long Beach Zombie Walk 10.26.13

We finally got around to editing a ton of footage from our stage at the Long Beach Zombie Walk last year and here is one of Metalachi playing a crowd favorite who were the headliners on the Long Beach... READ MORE

The Jelly of the Month Club – Brand New Friend

"Brand New Friend" is the first single off the new album "Introducing, The Jelly of the Month Club." The Jelly of the Month Club was founded by a group of friends and fellow music lovers that include... READ MORE

Redeye Redemption @ Wilmore 9 Festival 08.04.13

Long Beach Rehab – Alright

Long Beach Rehab - Alright


Summer And All It’s Free Music Comes To A Close

It's been a great summer for live music and LBPP has had the chance to check out some of the best Long Beach and SoCal had to offer. From a reunited Sublime to Flugtag flying machines, it's been a wil... READ MORE


ALBUM REVIEW: LMNO–“Tripping On This Journey”

Long Beach has a pretty diverse Music Scene, from the followers of Sublime's "Dope and Partying" Reggae/Ska/Hip Hop melange, Rockabilly, Roots Reggae, Indie Rock, and the Street Stories of Snoop Dogg... READ MORE


Bandito Exhibits Last As Exhibit [a] Moves On

It seems like just last week that I ran into Liza Mitchell at 517 Pine Avenue, where she ultimately explained that the old hookah lounge was going to be turned into an art gallery. What a great idea I... READ MORE


Sublime with Rome SoCal Debut at KROQ Weenie Roast 2010

Rome singing with Sublime close upOnce again LBPP returns to KROQ's annual Weenie Roast and the line up for 2010 was one we just couldn't miss! Although I have been to many Weenie Roast's over the yea... READ MORE

Long Beach Seafest Wakeboard on Pine with “The LBC” Sublime Tribute 07.09.09

Long Beach Seafest Wakeboard on Pine with "The LBC" Sublime Tribute 07.09.09 - Watch how crazy wakeboard stunts are done on the streets of Long Beach! Redbull mobile wakeboard tank.

“The LBC” a Sublime Tribute play the Power Boat fest on Pine Ave in Long Beach 07.09.09

"The LBC" a Sublime Tribute play the Power Boat fest on Pine Ave in Long Beach 07.09.09

Field Marshall, Fish, and Phrase come with the funk

At the height of summer when Faded Friday's were blazin' each month, this past July LBPP brought you some special summer funk in the form of former Sublime DJ's. Faded was packed to the brim as the ni... READ MORE

A SublimeTribute Album to get FADED to

Being Long Beach born and raised I have had the opportunity to be exposed to tons of great music over the years. From underground hip hop, punk and reggae, to the likes of Snoop Dogg, The Vandals, and... READ MORE