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MADhouse Inagural Show This Saturday

It seems that live music venues are in short supply these days... Long Beach has struggled the past few years with some major ones closing like the Vault 350, but not all is lost. There has been a sle... READ MORE


Return Of The Punk Rock SiDeShOw

Last month we debuted the Punk Rock SiDeShOw here in the LBC to great success. All you hardcore LB Punx came out for sure and packed the place as The Sirens, The Hitchcock Blondes, The Outskirts, Driv... READ MORE

Atomic Roxx Tour In Review

Well... our recent tour, as the name actually suggests, blew up right in our face. Our first show at Blue Cafe, it rained and hardly anyone showed up, although the homies were there so that was cool.... READ MORE

A SublimeTribute Album to get FADED to

Being Long Beach born and raised I have had the opportunity to be exposed to tons of great music over the years. From underground hip hop, punk and reggae, to the likes of Snoop Dogg, The Vandals, and... READ MORE